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At Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil Ireland we understand Cannabidiol better known as CBD can be confusing for first time customers. Cannabis oil, hemp oil, CBD oil, whats with all the different names? Don't worry they all mean the same thing. The main thing to remember is the oil you are looking for is full spectrum as you want the benefit of the whole hemp plant.

If you do need to speak to one of our experts please leave a message on our instant chat. Please always ensure you do due diligence before purchasing CBD. Always check lab tests reports and CBD product reviews. 
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What They Say…

  • Rick Simpson oil
    Nick P
    You're never too old to try new remedies. Great product and this company is great for thorough information as I was sceptical at first. I will buy there products again. Great info on the legality of CBD oil and also really seeing the benefits right from the beginning.
  • Medicinal cannabis for anxiety in Ireland
    Jeremy M
    I went straight in and got the 10% CBD oil! It was delivered quickly and now I'm taking the CBD first thing in the mornings and other days including it in my first meal. Will be a regular buyer! Delivery was very fast to Limerick. Benefits were seen very quick, customer service was great and the delivery time was amazing.
  • Rick Simpson Oil in Cannabidiol Dublin
    Keith W
    This is by far the best CBD product to buy online. Very easy website to use and prompt next delivery, would highly recommend. Excellent company to deal with and I will be a returning customer
  • Hemp for pain and anxiety
    Olivia H
    I would recommend to anyone very easy order, delivery is so quick & always very helpful to any questions you may have. By far the best CBD brand I have tried in Ireland.
  • Migraines and pain
    Rupert D
    Fast delivery to Ireland and safely packaged. Just great to do business with.

About Me

 Here at Dr. Hemp Me we are firm believers that no two CBD oils are ever the same – in fact, our line of CBD products is entirely regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association, ranking us as only one of two CBD companies in Ireland with tested, trusted, and proven Cannabidiol for our customers to enjoy. We are based in Dublin,  Ireland and serving most of Europe.  We are also now supplying Turmeric due to its popularity when taking CBD oil. And we have just opened our CBD oil London online store.
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Is CBD oil legal in Ireland?

If you’re a resident of The Republic of Ireland or you’re a tourist on a visit to the Emerald Isle, you may be wondering where you can buy CBD oil. Now, before finding that out, and also understanding how to select the right type of oil, it would be a good idea to see if buying CBD oil in Ireland is legal or not.

Ireland’s stance on the sale and purchase of CBD oil

Despite the numerous health benefits CBD has been observed to offer, the legality of CBD is still in question in many places, and this includes Ireland.

To sell or purchase any item under the “medicinal/health” classification in Ireland, the product or ingredient must first be granted the status of medicine. However, in the eyes of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), cannabis and its derivatives have never been considered “medicinal products.” This makes it extremely difficult to trade in any cannabis-derived ingredient or product in the country.

In late 2016, the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill was rejected in Parliament. It was then that the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, commissioned the HPRA to study the health benefits of cannabis, after sustained backlash from citizens and legal parties who were pro-medicinal CBD. The report, published in February 2017, provided ample evidence of the numerous health benefits that medicinal cannabis and CBD oil reviews, in particular, provide users. An announcement was then made by the Health Department to allow the legal use of medical cannabis; but only in select cases to treat patients with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and those undergoing chemotherapy.

When did CBD oil become legal in Ireland?

CBD oil has always been legal in Ireland however, the only type of cannabis derivative that is legal in Ireland is cannabinoids used as food flavouring agents or food supplements. The reason these supplements are legal is that most CBD food supplements are derived from the hemp plant.

How to get a hemp license in Ireland

Hemp, a type of cannabis plant, contains a significantly less amount of THC. This makes it much safer and less psychoactive than other forms of cannabis. To legally grow and harvest hemp, growers must get sanction from the HPRA and must obtain a special grower's license.

Next, they must follow EU-defined extraction methods to derive the hemp oil and other natural ingredients; failing which they will be barred from selling their CBD products in the Irish market. For example, cold-pressed hemp oil is legal to sell in Ireland. However, hemp oil that is extracted using any other technique or which undergoes further purification or processing requires not just HPRA authorisation but also authorisation from the EU.

Novel Food Authorisation of Cannabidiol

Today, the legality of cannabis and cannabinoids remain in the grey area due to the novel food authorisation issue currently been lobbied in the EU commission by the Cannabis Trade Association. However, pharmacies and stores in Dublin have started selling CBD products which contain less than 0.2% of THC. This is because of the recent amendments to Irish law, which have recognised CBD (hemp-derived CBD) as a non-cannabis product, making it legal. These oils and products must be developed according to HPRA and EU standards to be accepted in the market. Cannabis-derived CBD oil is still illegal in Ireland.

How to Buy CBD oil in Ireland

When we talk of legal CBD in Ireland, we talk of hemp-derived CBD.

Today, Ireland has many dedicated stores and pharmacies which stock and sell CBD products. There are many specialised websites and online businesses which also sell CBD oil across the country. CBD hemp oil, extracts, soft gels, vape kits, protein powders and salves are some of the products that can be purchased.

While quality and regulatory compliance are the same online and offline, the major difference that you’ll find when trying to purchase CBD products in Ireland is that while e-commerce stores sell full-spectrum CBD products, the brick-and-mortar stores and pharmacies stock only CBD isolates.

Before you decide to buy CBD oil in Ireland, it’s important that you understand the fundamental difference between isolates and full-spectrum CBD to ensure you purchase a product that is right for you.

CBD isolates vs full-spectrum CBD

CBD isolate is pure CBD. Once the oil, chlorophyll, wax and other ingredients are removed from the hemp plant, only a pure powder is left behind. This crystalline powder is called the CBD isolate.

On the other hand, is CBD derived using the entire hemp plant. This CBD is developed by retaining all the waxes, chlorophyll, other cannabinoids and oils present in the hemp plant. It is this type of CBD that contains trace amounts of THC (only up to 0.2%).

So, which is oil is better?

While it may seem like CBD isolate is more potent and powerful because of its pure CBD form, this isn’t true. Research shows that the benefits offered by the hemp plant’s other ingredients enhance the health benefits offered by the CBD. This makes full-spectrum CBD oil a much better option for patients. When combined, all of the ingredients inject numerous minerals, vitamins, terpenes, compounds, fatty acids and fibres into the body, which offer a myriad of health benefits. This helps patients experience faster and more effective relief.

However, since Ireland enforces extremely strict rules in the sale of CBD oil and products, you may have to settle for CBD isolates if you shop at the physical stores.

But this doesn’t mean that CBD isolate is any less beneficial. In fact, many users prefer the isolate because of the complete absence of THC. This makes the isolate perfect for users who have a very sensitive constitution and who may be physically unable to ingest the THC safely. It is also useful for sports professionals, armed forces, Gardaí officers, doctors and other professionals who wish to gain the medical benefits of CBD without worrying about THC showing in drug test results. CBD isolate can be mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil and grape seed oil and then consumed either directly, or used for cooking or baking.

Are Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oil independently tested?

Every new batch of CBD oil undergo rigorous testing through an independent lab. To view each product lab test just visit the product page and you will see a link to the test. We update each product every quarter. 

When and how much CBD should I take daily and how long will it last after I open the bottle?

CBD oil is ideal to be enjoyed at any time throughout the day to suit your requirements. However, we recommend taking it first thing every morning so as to start the day with good momentum. The dosage also depends on the individual and we would recommend that anyone taking CBD for the first time use our easy to use dosage calculator. Everyone is different therefore it is best to start small and slowly build. Increase your dose until you reach your desired affects.
If unopened our hemp oil products have a shelf life of 1 – 2 years. Once opened it should be used within 6 months.

Where can I buy CBD oil in Ireland?

Luckily you can buy CBD oil from our online website. Simply click on the product you like, click buy now and you will go straight to our checkout page. 

What is the strongest CBD oil you can buy?

The strongest CBD oil we offer is our 40% CBD oil. This is the strongest concentration you will find in Ireland and also most of Europe. The reason you will not find any stronger CBD is because once the concentration gets to this level it solidifies very easily and therefore very hard to suck up into the dropper.  If this does happen with our 40% CBD oil place the oil in a glass of lukewarm water no more than 50 degrees and this should liquify the oil. 

If you are looking for higher concentrations why not try our CBD paste. Concentrations from 40% to 80% CBD.

How long does it take for CBD to work?

It can take a few days for the CBD to build up in your system. For some people the affects can be instant and for others it can take up to a week.

What countries do you deliver to and how long does it take?

We ship our CBD to Irish & EU countries only. Please check our shipping information. In Ireland, Northern Ireland & the United Kingdom the delivery time is 1 – 3 business days. For the rest of Europe, it is 3 to 5 business days.

What is CBD oil and how much does it cost in Ireland?

CBD oil is simply the extracted oil from a full grown hemp plant. The reason hemp is used is because it has only trace amounts of THC to make sure it is legal to sell in Ireland. Dr Hemp Me's CBD oil costs between €34.95 to €219.95. We have 4 strengths, 5%, 10%, 20% & 40%.

What types of payment do you take?

We take Visa/Mastercard and we also take direct bank transfer.

Our CBD Promise

100% Irish & Legal 
Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oil is derived from a strain of cannabis called hemp. Hemp is non-psychoactive and legal to sell in Ireland and most of Europe.  It is from this magical hemp plant that we get the compound CBD. Don't worry unlike THC CBD will not get you high.
100% Transparency
In compliance with the Cannabis Trade Association we test every new batch of CBD oils to prove to our customers exactly what is contained within the CBD oil. The lab tests outline the presence of other cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa, CBDV, CBG, CBN, and CBC.
Entourage Effect
When formulating our CBD from hemp we make sure to use the whole hemp plant. This ensures the Full Spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes are used in synergy in what is known as the ‘entourage effect’.  So why is this important? Research has shown that when the whole hemp plant is used the Cannabis and CBD can be absorbed by the body much quicker and more efficiently.

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Cannabidiol for Pets

Cannabidiol has become a must have health product in recent years and the same can be said for pets. 

Pets are just like humans, in that they also have an endocannabinoid system. This system responds to cannabinoids like CBD and other cannabinoids found in a full spectrum oil. 
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Cannabis Trades Association


The Cannabis Trade Association are at the forefront of Cannabidiol legislation in Europe. With over 4000 members the CTA is largest hemp association in Europe. The CTA is working with the government to establish legislation which will ensure the CBD industry has effective guidance moving forward.
We have been members of the CTA since 2018 and their expertise has been an invaluable asset in the growth of our business in Ireland. To become a CTA member all of our CBD products were tested and screened to ensure only high quality products are sold to the customer.

Due to recent events within the CBD industry, many brands were tested independently, and many were found to have lower levels of Cannabidiol than they were advertising. For the industry as a whole, this gives a very bad look to our relatively new industry. This is why we have had our products tested independently by the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, the Cannabis Trade Association who used ADACT and also the Ministry of Hemp. 

We advise all customers to check these tests which you can find on each product page and further tests upon request. Also please check reviews like Trust pilot and Google reviews before purchasing any brand. And finally, always make sure your oil is full-spectrum or at least broad spectrum.

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