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Different ways to consume CBD Oil
CBD Quality
October 22, 2018

5 Different Ways to Consume CBD

People from all across the globe are now consuming CBD to treat a wide continuum of symptoms and mental and physical illnesses. CBD is a controversial topic especially in Ireland,…
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CBD Absorption Rates Per Product Drhempme CBD Tincture
CBD Quality
October 9, 2018

CBD Absorption Rates per Cannabis Oil Product

Whether you are an experienced CBD user, or new to the world of Cannabis, understanding the bioavailability of CBD Cannabis oil is not an easy job. However, understanding different forms…
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Cannabinoids found in Cannabis Drhempme Dog
CBD Quality
October 3, 2018

7 Cannabinoids Found in Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The scope of Cannabis is vast and diverse. This is driving the global research community to brand its image as a miracle drug that helps in treating many ailments, and…
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