August 22, 2019

5 Tips for Marketing in the Highly Regulated Cannabis Industry

By Brian Cusack

As a marketer of any industry, all that matters for you are conversions. Your day revolves around figures and numbers, of sales from your marketing campaigns. But, when it comes to a highly restricted industry like cannabis or steroids, the options you have can be very few. The laws are rigid and hardly allows you to market your product online. So, to stay ahead, you need to adapt and think outside the ordinary and engage with your customers.

CBD Oil Marketing

Here are a few marketing tips for you to market your cannabis products:

1. Know your industry well

Every industry has its own legalities and complexities, but it surely goes up in case of a strictly regulated industry. While you may have a dedicated person or team to be the expert at law, you might want to be extra cautious. The need for a backup may arise when the one person who is responsible is not available to guide you.

To market your products right, it becomes important to make the most of the opportunities on time. So, rather than missing out on it, keep a first-hand knowledge of the rules of the cannabis industry. Knowledge about which states have legalized it, what are the legal limits, and the procedure to avail cannabis is a must for you.

Steroids and Marketing

2. Stay updated on changes

The more the strictness, the more frequent are the changes in regulations. To survive in the industry, it is really important to stay updated with the up and coming developments. Any change in the regulations can majorly affect how you carry out the promotional strategy. You can put technology to good use, and let the Google alerts or RSS Feed, and even regular mail updates from regulatory agencies help you stay in touch with the industry. Staying updated with newspaper or news channel can bring you the latest changes regarding laws about selling of cannabis.

On a similar note, the introduction of online dispensary Canada is a major development that has managed to bring a radical change to how people procure cannabis. Social media also proves to be a god-sent when it comes to such situations, delivering you information as and when things escalate.

3. Go the organic way

We are living in an era where the traditional means of marketing don’t make the cut. Digital means are in trend, and only organic reach can be your ally. The most crucial task of a marketer in the regulated industry, be it steroids or alcohol, is acquiring new customers, for they have the potential to become lifetime customers. All you need to do to generate leads is reaching out organically through press releases, social media handles, and blogs. You can generate hype in the target audience by carefully crafting press releases whenever you launch a new product.

Amid the suspicions and rigid laws surrounding your product, it can be a daunting task for you to build customer’s trust. With press conferences, public statements, and delivering quality products, you can earn their trust and turn them into loyal customers, just like Teragon Labs does to market their products.

SEO for Cannabis

4. Get acquainted with SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is among the most powerful digital marketing tool that can put to good use. Being a tried and tested method of attracting customers, you can believe it is here to stay. SEO can help you stand out from the competitors by getting you a higher rank on Google and other online platforms.

You can start by filling out your necessary information on your website or Google My Business page. Research and find out the demographics of your target audience, keep their needs in mind while framing your marketing plans. Making use of keywords, location of your store, brand title, pictures of your products and reviews in the SEO headline of your page. Google Analytics can assist you in keeping a check on the behaviour of consumers and help you strategize better. For can easily target the Canadian health market for there steroid requirements by ranking on the most searched keyword like buy steroids in Canada.

Hemp oil and cannabidiol marketing

5. Be regular with emails and newsletters:

Have you ever thought why stores are determined to get your email address? Well, it is to send you newsletters. A majority of stores have email chains to their prospective buyers, to keep them in the loop. Newsletter allows you to interact with the buyers and stay connected to them even when they have left the store.

As the owner of a cannabidiol store, you can gather the email addresses of the visitors to your store, be it real or virtual. It gives you unparalleled freedom to control the buyer’s opinion. If not your own, publicizing through the newsletter of renowned publications might generate leads and do wonders for your business.

Surviving in a regulated industry like cannabis and steroids can be exhausting, let alone marketing tools like marketing automation can assist you with legal compliances and still manage to reach out the potential customers. With these marketing tips, you can leave your mark despite the hindrances of legalities and complications. Let us know in the comment section if it benefits you and your business.

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