October 9, 2019

A Guide to CBD Oil in Limerick! (Update July 2020)

By Brian Cusack

The county of Limerick is one of Ireland’s busiest counties and as such, the demand for CBD oil has dramatically increased over the last few years. The law surrounding CBD oil is complex however it is imperative to be fully aware of which CBD oils are legal before buying. Whether you are from Limerick or a tourist just visiting please read on to get the low down on the law surrounding CBD and also where to buy in Limerick.

The Law Surrounding CBD Oil in Ireland

Breakthrough in research put CBD into contention to be one of the ‘formerly outlawed, now accepted’ products of this modern century. However, as all things that concern ripping out the roof off falsely held myths, CBD is still not widely accepted.

Most European countries including Ireland have a long history of growing cannabis. This was however stopped in the 20th century, a period when cannabis was getting a bad-name on a global scale. This led cannabis to be classed as a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Relations.


Cannabis as a Criminal Offense

Possession of cannabis was labelled a criminal offence under the Misuse of Drugs Acts 1977-2017. This legislation distinguishes between possession for personal use and possession with an intent to sell or supply. At the minimum, possession of cannabis for personal use attracts a fine of a thousand euros to about three thousand euros. This fine is dependent on whether the offender is a first time offender or a second timer. Third convictions can attract a one-year to three-year jail term coupled with fines. On the other hand, if a person is caught possessing a large amount and found to be intent on selling or supplying, they can be sentenced to life imprisonment. The minimum sentence is a 10-year jail term.

Hemp as a Sustainable Resource

The year 1995, saw the Irish authorities begin an assessment of hemp (Cannabis Sativa) as a source of sustainable fibre and oil. Ireland is a member of the European Union, so to comply with EU regulations on the subject, it is now legal to farm approved varieties of hemp by the European Union in the country. This variety is one that contains not more than 0.2 per cent of THC. THC is the main psychoactive substance in cannabis. It is responsible for the ‘high’ you feel when you consume marijuana.

CBD from Hemp is Legal in Limerick

In Ireland, CBD products are only allowed to contain 0.2 per cent of THC. CBD from hemp should not be mistaken for THC Cannabis strains. Cannabis with high levels of THC is illegal while CBD from EU approved hemp is not illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act. CBD oil used to be frowned upon by the authorities. But in 2016, the Minister for Health in Ireland directed the Health Products Regulatory Authority to conduct a study on the health benefits of Cannabis and particularly, CBD oil has for users.

The study, which came after public backlash from citizens and legal parties who supported the use of CBD oil, led the authorities to soften their resolve on the sale and use of CBD oil. This, however, doesn’t lead to CBD being authorized as a medical product in Ireland. Doctors cannot prescribe the product as a treatment option as it is not considered one by the Health Products Regulatory Authority in Ireland.

You can, however, buy CBD oil and other CBD products in Ireland as long as it contains less than 0.2 per cent of THC and they are marketed as a food supplement. Possession of any CBD based product with more than 0.2 per cent of THC will attract severe penalties.

If your worried about whether the CBD you are buying is legal make sure to ask for the lab test report to ensure there is less than 0.2% THC. In truth, any physical store selling CBD will be legal as they would not last long if it wasn't. Online CBD is the tricky one. All Dr. Hemp Me's CBD products are legal to sell in Ireland and they are all backed up by lab test reports.

Evaluation-of hemp-in-Ireland

The Novel Food Problem

What is a Novel Food?

Novel foods are foods or food ingredients that were not available on the European Union Market to a considerable degree before the 15th of May, 1997.

CBD Oil as a Food Supplement

Some forms of CBD oil are not allowed to be sold as food supplements in the EU. This is related to the process of extracting the oil. Generally, if hemp oil is obtained through the cold pressing of the seed or parts of hemp's plant, authorization is not required. Authorization is not required because hemp oil was consumed in the European Union before 1997.

The Cannabis Trade Association who view CBD oil as a product that has been in use all over the world before 1997 is hotly contesting this issue, therefore CBD should be exempt from the novel food authorisation.

If CBD does have to be novel food authorised this will literally shut the industry down for 18 – 24 months which is not ideal for the industry as a whole and also consumers who now rely on CBD for everyday use.

At the moment this issue is not being enforced and CBD oil companies are still allowed to trade.


Where to Buy CBD Oil in Limerick

There are lots of physical stores that sell CBD oil in Limerick that offer great prices and different CBD products. So let's take a look at these stores in no particular order.

On Thomas St, there are a couple of physical stores like Eats of Eden and Milagro CBD oil.


The physical stores in Limerick employ a team of experts who verify the percentage composition of THC in the CBD oil they sell to help you avoid any trouble with law enforcement. They also sell products in different forms like capsules, CBD vapes, and edibles.


Buying CBD Oil Online in Limerick

If you are looking to buy online, a very reliable CBD brand is Dr. Hemp Me. All our products are tested by a third party to ensure exactly what is stated is in the oil. Currently, the CBD industry is very unregulated as such it is up to the consumer to do their due diligence before buying CBD. We are HPRA compliant and rated "Excellent" by Trustpilot.


We are based in Dublin, Ireland, and we are regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association.

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to purchase CBD in Limerick, Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions
✅ Is CBD oil legal in Limerick?

Yes CBD oil is legal in Limerick once the CBD comes from a hemp variety approved by the EU and the THC content is below O.2%.

✅ Where can I buy CBD oil in Limerick?

There are many physical stores around Limerick selling CBD oil specifically around Thomas Street. CBD can also be bought online from Dr. Hemp Me CBD.

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