August 11, 2020

Best Stealth Grow Tents & Grow Boxes. (Update August 2020)

By Brian Cusack
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With the legalization and rapid rise of legal forms of cannabis all around the world, grow cabinets or grow boxes are now a heavily sought after product.

When we say legalized cannabis we are not talking about marijuana we are talking about hemp. Although these grow boxes can also grow marijuana however this is illegal in most countries around the world.
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Introduction to Stealth Grow Boxes

Cannabis legalization has cheered up a vast number of cannabis users across the world. Guess what? They are not the only ones who are happy about it.

Equally, manufacturers of stealth grow cabinets and grow boxes across the globe were delighted as they could add another demography in their target.

In general, people think about hemp if you say legal cannabis. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis strain hemp. Wanna learn how to do that? Click here.

Here, we will advise you on the best ways to grow hemp at home. Stealth grow boxes or grow cabinets using hydroponic systems are the ones you use when growing hemp at home.

We will look at some of the best stealth grow boxes & cabinets available at amazon.

Let me say this, legalization of cannabis doesn't carry the same set of rules and regulations in all countries. In some cases including most of Europe, a license is required to grow hemp in your home.
Product NameBest Feature
Grobo Premium Automated Grow BoxThe Winner
Super Closet Grow Box LED TRINITY 3.0Best Advanced Option
Dealzer Oasis 2'x4'x6.5'4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Tent System
Hellogrower 30'' Stealth Grow BoxHellogrower is a perfectly designed hydroponic grow box
The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow KitWith Fan, Soil, 24"x24"x60" Hut. Best Beginner Pick
Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow BoxThe Growzilla 4 is one of the best grow boxes in 2019
HTG Supply 3 x 3 Grow Tent Kit Easy to set up
Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0 Plant Hydroponics Grow BoxLifetime warranty
VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Tent The double stitching makes it durable
BloomGrow 24''x24''x48'' Grow Tent It has several vents
ET-2XL Grow Cabinet with Digital Controls
Bluetooth enabled
Hellogrower 40" Tall Stealth 300 Watt LED Grow Box
It comes with a lock
Hellogrower 20" Stealth LED Grow Box
It has strong fans
SuperCloset Grow Box LED SuperFlower 3.0
It’s fireproof
SuperCloset Grow Box LED Deluxe 3.0
It is easy to use
Anjeet Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent
It has a reflective interior
TopoLite 120"x120"x80" Indoor Grow Tent
It’s convenient for use
iPower GLTENTXL3 Grow Tent
It’s energy-efficient
Hydro Crunch D940009000 Hydroponic Grow Tent
It’s durable
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The Benefits of Using Indoor Grow Boxes

As opposing to growing herbs on soil, hydroponic farming uses just a fluid mixture of nutrients and water.
Hydroponic farming and hydroponic systems revolutionized the way we grew herbs.
Here are some benefits of indoor grow boxes


Highly convenient, and that's something all of us would prefer over awful farming on the soil. Building a hydroponic system requires a lot of expertise, time, space, and dedication. Trust me; you do not want to build a hydroponic system from scratch. Hydroponic grow boxes are plug and play, and that's why people prefer them the most.

Faster growth

Comparably, hydroponic grow boxes offer more rapid growth by transferring the nutrients swiftly. Hydroponic systems provide light and water directly to the roots and herbs. As a consequence, the herbs absorb the nutrients quickly and grow faster than the traditional soil-farming.

No-soil Farming

Hydroponic systems don't use soil to grow plants. "No soil" farming means no bug infestations, fungus or diseases. Soil is the primary route for the funguses and plant-eating bugs to reach the herbs. While growing the herbs using only water, you can avoid all these unnecessary woes.


Hydroponic grow boxes reuse the water, and it brings down the water wastage, which is not the case in regular gardening. Water re-usage means the overall expense on maintenance becomes less. Likewise, hydroponic grow boxes conserve the human effort during the entire farming process

01 Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box - The Winner

If you want to grow hydroponic plants without the mess, privacy concerns, and guesswork of traditional growing, Grobo’s stealth grow box is the perfect option. Growing plants usually requires a ton of time and knowledge if you want to produce healthy, high-yield plants. So, most people find it difficult to grow their own plants.
Now, there is a solution, with a Grobo stealth box, the average person is able to grow like a professional discreetly in the comfort of their home. Take a look at our review of this innovative growing system to learn how to get your own, set it up, and get started.

What is the Grobo Stealth Grow Box?

The Grobo Stealth Grow Box is a wholly enclosed growing station that helps you produce high-quality plants in practically any space. The system is entirely automated, so all you have to do is plant your seeds, select the appropriate recipe, and let it grow.

How Much Space Does Grobo Stealth Grow Box Need?

The Grobo box is approximately 14" x 14" x 48," and it weighs around 95 pounds without water. So, it fits in small spaces. Even if you live in a small home, you should have plenty of space to use it. However, it is not easy to move, so you need to make sure you set it up where you want it while you are growing your plant.

How Does Your Grobo Work?

The Grobo growing cabinet works by using preset recipes that give your plant the best possible nutrients, light, and water to produce the results all growers want. It also eliminates odors and mess associated with growing hydroponic plants.

Who Should Use Grobo?

A Grobo Stealth Grow Box is perfect for any grower who wants to produce high-quality plants without experimenting with different methods and formulations of nutrients and fertilizers. It is also great for people who want to minimize the mess of growing traditional hydroponic plants.

It does not matter if you are a novice or advanced grower. You can use the Grobo grow box to simplify the growing process, eliminate strong smells growing plants produce, and minimize the equipment and knowledge you need to create potent plants.

The Grobo box is an excellent option for parents or anyone who wants to protect other members in their home from the contents of the Grobo. The cabinet has a convenient locking feature to keep people out while the plant is growing.

It also comes in two options, one with a viewing window so you can check on your plant without opening it, and the stealth box, so no one can see what you are growing inside.

Unboxing and Setting Up the Grobo Stealth Grow Box

When you receive your Grobo box, it will come with everything you need to get started. However, you will need to unbox the system and set it up, which requires a few things. When you receive your order, you need:
A WiFi connection
Distilled or reverse osmosis water
A bucket
After your Grobo cabinet arrives, you need to go to the Grobo website and follow the setup instructions. The online instructions tell you first to remove it from the shipping box. To do that, you need to remove the safety straps Grobo uses to secure your shipment.

After removing the straps, you can take the lid off and start removing the contents of the package. On top, you will see Box A with the carbon filter. You can remove that box and set it aside.

Inside your cabinet, you will notice several cardboard inserts to keep everything in place during shipping. You will also find two boxes. Box B is the nutrients box, and the other package contains the pH and EC sensors.

You can remove and set aside Box B with the nutrients. However, you need to be careful with the sensor box because they connect to the machine. You should leave the sensor box in the cabinet while you complete the rest of the unboxing process. You will not need them until you start your first plant.

Finding a Location for the Grobo Box

The box is perforated to make it easier to get your grow box out, but you will likely need another person to help you put it in your desired location. You can set your Grobo pretty much anywhere, but you do need to make sure you can connect it to a power source.

Leveling the Grobo

Once you have your Grobo in the right spot and you remove Box B and the cardboard inserts, you need to level it using the leveling feet on the bottom. You want to make sure the cabinet is level so no chemicals or water spill. So, this is a crucial step, especially if your floors are not flat. To level the unit, simply screw or unscrew the feet at the bottom until it is flat.

Setting Up the Carbon Filter

You also need to set up the carbon filter. To do that, you need to unscrew the cover. Once you have the cover out, you will insert the filter with the honeycomb side up, then replace it in your Grobo and screw it back in.

Connecting to Your Grobo

After you have your cabinet in the right location, level it, and insert the carbon filter, you are ready to turn it on and connect it to your desired device. After you plug it in, the unit will start the connection process. The app will prompt you to select the device you want to connect to and provide instructions for completing the process.

Removing the Red Tape

After connecting to the Grobo app, you need to remove the red tape inside the cabinet. The tape covers the locking mechanism, so you must wait to remove it until after you have a connection. Otherwise, you can get locked out of the cabinet.

Growing with Your Grobo

Now, you are ready to start growing your first plant. To grow, you need to select a recipe from the Grobo app. Choosing the correct formula is easy. You just perform a search for the appropriate seed. There are also options for seeds that are not in the app.

Inserting the pH and EC sensors

After you set the recipe, you will need to insert your pH and EC sensors. Both sensors have a cap. It is essential to carefully remove the pH sensor cap because it comes in a solution you need to keep for storing your it between grows. The EC sensor is dry, so you do not have to worry as much about that one.

When the sensors are in your Grobo box, you can load the nutrients. To do that, you just need to remove the caps, place the tubes inside the bottles, and place the containers in the machine, so they are level.

Filling the Grobo with Water

Then, you need to fill the machine with water. The device has an automatic fill feature, so you just need to put the fill tube in a bucket of water, and the pump will fill it until it has the proper level of water. While it is filling, the lights turn green.

Soaking the Seed Pod

Next, you will soak your seed pod. You need to soak it for about five minutes. Then, you need to squeeze it to make sure there is not too much water. If you do not adequately soak the pod, it will not have the proper moisture level for the seed to sprout, so this is a critical step.

Planting Your Seed

Once you soak your pod, you are ready to insert your seed. There is a little space at the top of the pod to place the seed. After you place your seed inside, you will rip a small piece of the pod off and cover the seed with it. Then, replace the pod in the machine, so the top of the seed pod is below the sticker.

How Much Does the Grobo Produce?

The yield of your plants depends on the type of plant you are growing. However, you can expect to get anywhere from one to three ounces from each plant when you use your Grobo. Using the system will help you produce potent plants. So, it is excellent for people to grow medicinal plants for personal use.

Where Can You Ship a Grobo Stealth Box?

Grobo products ship to the United States and Canada. If you decide to take your Grobo to an outside country, it violates Grobo's terms and conditions and voids the warranty. The company does not accept any responsibility for growing systems or other products purchased from Grobo ships to a U.S. or Canadian address that someone subsequently ships to another country.

If you receive the products from Grobo at an approved U.S. or Canadian address and ship them to another country, you and shipping company are fully responsible for following regulations and laws regarding the export of the Grobo products.

For international customers who want to own a Grobo Stealth Grow Box, you can submit an international shipping request.

Delivery Times

The Grobo box generally takes about four to six weeks to ship. Depending on the current situation and number of orders Grobo is filling, it could take an additional 45 days to receive your order.

Support for Your Grobo Stealth Grow Box

We offer support at every step. Whether you need assistance setting-up your cabinet or during the growing process, we are here for you. Just contact us on our instant chat feature with your questions for a quick response.

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02   Super Closet Grow Box LED TRINITY 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet Hydroponics System - Best Advanced Option

Super Closet Grow box hydroponics system is built to last, and it delivers maximum convenience and perfection.

This is one of the lavish and most sophisticated grow tents in the market. Supercloset Grow box can be used to grow your favorite herbs straight out of the box.

It comes with all the accessories that are required to start the herb growing process.

Above all, this is a fully automated stealth grow box with two sets of 16-plant hydroponic systems. You also get the warranty on all parts and tech support for a lifetime
Do your brothers and friends keep nagging you for a few hits?. Super closet grow-tent allows you to grow up to 32 plants at once.
You can always store a sufficient quantity of herbs in your kit with this hydroponic system at home.
Holds up to 32 plants
Dual activated carbon filter, which means no smell
Three growing chambers allows for a perpetual harvest cycle
Can be locked
Very expensive
Very big
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03   SuperCloset Grow Box LED SuperFlower 3.0

The SuperCloset SuperFlower 3.0 is made with a 16 gauge steel which makes it easy to secure. The grow box is designed for easy use, making it great both for amateurs and professionals.
It also provides a decent airflow with its adjustable circulation and exhaust fans which provide air through a carbon filter.
For nutrient provision, the grow box package comes with a Ph Kit, Rockwool, TDS tester and hydroton rocksto. The grow box also comes with a 3 year warranty.
It’s fireproof
It has a 3 years warranty
It’s heavy
It makes a noticeable noise
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04  SuperCloset Grow Box LED Deluxe 3.0

The SuperCloset Deluxe 3.o comes with every item you need to grow your plants. It comes with timers, air filters, nutrients, and growing medium. The box stands at 66” tall and 15” wide.
Its gym locker shape makes it look more interesting and almost conspicuous when placed in a house. Behind the cabinet are automated controls that also add to the conspicuousness of the box.
The medium size of the grow box allows you grow 6 plants at once, although there is a chance 4 plants will occupy the space. Lastly, the full spectrum LED light provides enough lighting for the box.
It is easy to use
It is sturdy
It’s not air tight
It does not keep light sealed
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05 Hellogrower 30'' Stealth Grow Box

Hellogrower is a perfectly designed hydroponic grow box. Unlike other cheap grow boxes, hello grower doesn't disturb your sleep with the humming soun
People living at apartments or shared spaces will admire the low profile sound from Hellogrower.
You can lock this grow tent so that you can rest assured that nobody else can reach out to your herbs. Especially, the lock feature in this grow tent makes this a child-safe option.
Remember, the lock is not included in the kit, and don't forget to buy one separately.
This is a great option for people who don't have more space at home. If you just want to grow two or four plants, then this is going to be the ideal choice for you.
Conserving space can help you in adding more grow boxes in your house. Equally, it helps you to use more living space while you enjoy your herbs.
No noise
Small and easy to move
Powerful fan
It can locked
It contains shaded rear vents
Can only grow 2 to 4 plants at a time
It does make a small bit of noise
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06 Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

The Growzilla 4 is one of the best grow boxes in 2019. It is an improved version of the previous 3.0 model made to grow healthier, bigger plants.
This model was optimized after six months of upgrades and tests and the final result is a grow box that grows fine, healthy herbs indoors. The Growzilla 4.0 grow box is very huge with its 5’8 foot tall size.
It is also a vertical box hence that plants grow from the box’s bottom towards the top where the light is. You can also adjust the light in the box, making it possible to grow almost any plant.
Also, if you are wary about the energy consumption level of grow boxes, Growzilla can ease that tension.
The energy consumption level is very low to the point that it’s almost unnoticeable, hence you won’t have to worry about your electricity costs.
Growzilla 4.o is simpler to use than the previous version, making it a great grow box for beginners.
It also allows you to control the odor of the plants in your home with the Odor Control Scent equalizer. Overall, it is a cost-effective box when compared to smaller grow boxes.
It can be locked
It includes a set of nutrients
The instructions are easy to follow
Lifetime warranty
It is very big
It is costly
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07  Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

The 5.0 version of Grandma’s Secret Garden grow box is a big upgrade from the 4.0 version. This grow box version is fully optimized to produce healthy plants all through the year.
The 3 foot grow box model was tested for 6 months before its release, making sure it can continually grow big, healthy plants.
If you prefer growing a smaller number of plants at a time, Grandma’s Secret Garden might be the best pick for you as it has the capacity to grow 4 big plants and 9 smaller ones.
The box is 36 inches tall, 30 inches wide, making it a good choice for both big and small areas. It also comes with a 150w HID Led Light, filters and hydroponic system.
For odor control, Grandma’s Secret Garden comes with a feature that controls odor leakage. This can protect your home or room from an overwhelming smell of herbs.
The package includes an air pump that provides oxygen to the plant’s roots. This boosts the growth of plants by an impressive percentage.
Lifetime warranty
All in one kit
Controls odor
Free nutrient pack
It is quite expensive
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08  ET-2XL Grow Cabinet with Digital Controls

If you want a grow cabinet that can provide you with a healthy harvest in 3 months, you should consider getting the ET-2XL. The cabinet is Bluetooth enabled with impressive digital controls.
These controls keep you informed on everything going on in the cabinet. So, if the interior of the cabinet exceeds the appropriate temperature, your phone or iPad will get a notification.
For ventilation, the grow cabinet has fans with a 60,000-hour lifespan. This means the grow box will serve you for about 7 years and more.
This grow cabinet version also addresses condensations issues, ensuring you won’t have to deal with mildew or molds in the long run Lastly, you can get a 2-year warranty on your box.
2 years warranty
Bluetooth enabled
Good circulation
It’s a bit costly
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09 Hellogrower 40" Tall Stealth 300 Watt LED Grow Box

While the Hellogrower 30” was, and is still, a popular grow box due to all its interesting features, the Hellogrower 40” was built to capitalize on its good features with some extra additions.
The grow box was perfected and tested for months to ensure it can produce big, healthy plants before its release. This grow box has a strong fan to provide fresh air to your plants. It’s also durable as it is lined with mylar film to take full advantage of the light.
Hellogrower 40” is a great choice for first-time users as it has a timer which makes it easier to set light schedules for the box. The shaded rear vents and sealed front door also helps in controlling the odor, keeping your house odor free.
An interesting addition to his grow box is a 4 site hydroponic system. The DWC hydroponics provides oxygenated water and nutrients to plants, boosting the plant’s growth.
It comes with a lock
It provides water with nutrients for plants
It’s easy to use
It does not grow too many plants
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10  Hellogrower 20" Stealth LED Grow Box

If the power consumption of your grow box is of much importance to you, then the Hellogrower 20” is an option you should consider. It operates with low power consumption and operating temperature.
It also has a hundred percent mylar lining for light maximization. It ensures no light goes to waste and that the heating is better. It helps reduce gas and provides odor control.
Just like the Hellogrower 40” it is lockable and has a strong fan. The fan ensures there is a good supply of clean air while the vents have replaceable carbon filters that handle the odours.
This grow box is a good choice for amateur growers. It measures up to 15 inches wide, 20 inches tall and 15 inches deep making it great for small spaces.
It accommodates about two to three plants at a time, also making it good for first-timers. For extra security, it comes with a lockable door to keep both pests and unwanted visitors out.
With all its benefits, the Hellogrower 20” still has a few cons you should know about. The fan might get too loud sometimes, causing noise pollution.
The odour control could also do with some improvements. But if you need a portable grow box and can overlook these minor issues, this grow box is a great choice.
It’s easy to use
It has strong fans
It’s small
It gets too loud
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The Difference Between a Grow Box and a Grow Tent

The practice of indoor gardening is gaining wide acceptance each passing day as more people feel a need to grow one plant or the other. However, a lot of folks are still confused about the best indoor growing apparatus to use, grow tent or grow box. Both are similar in function and features, but they are not the same. Below, we help you outline the major differences between a grow tent and a grow box. This will help you know which works best for you.

Grow Tent  Capacity

Grow tents have more space to plant your crops when compared to the grow box. That is to say, with Grow tents you are guaranteed to plant more crops and get more output. Experienced gardeners go for Grow tents over Grow boxes because of this simple difference.

Ease of Movement

Grow tents are designed in such a way that it is easy to dismantle it and couple it back. This makes it very user-friendly when compared to the Grow box because it can easily be moved from one place to another. Even though it is not advisable, but a situation arises that demands that you change the location of your indoor garden.


One of the characteristics of great product design is maintainability. The people that designed the Grow tent made it maintainable. This is one feature that makes the Grow tent stand out from the grow box. In the event that you need to upgrade any of the parts, or replace broken components, you can easily do that without waiting for a professional


Unlike the Grow Box, the Grow tent is intentionally designed in such a way that you can access any part of the tent without disturbing the crops. This is because a big Grow tent has many access points that enable you to reach the back of the container.

Grow Boxes have Greater Durability

On the other hand, because of the portability of Grow tents, it is prone to wear and tear especially if you bought a cheap one. Grow boxes are stronger and durable. So, if you are looking for something that will serve you longer, then you might consider getting a Grow box.


Well, some people care so much about the look of a device especially if it's one that will be placed inside their home. If your indoor garden is somewhere that is visible to all, then you might consider getting something that is appealing to the eyes. This is something that the Grow box offers better than the Grow tent. The Grow box is designed to look like a cabinet that can easily blend in as one of the home furniture.

Top 9 Grow Tents on the Market

1  HTG Supply 3 x 3 Grow Tent Kit 

The HTG Supply grow tent kit is a complete hydroponic grow tent that comes with all the equipment required to grow your plants indoors.
Most professionals know that this alone is a good reason to get this grow tent.
Included in the kit are the AgroMax grow tent, 400-watt grow light with a light bulb, GrowBright hygrometer, GrowBright thermometer, grow light hangers, 6” circulation fan and so on.
One of the best things about the HTG supply tents is that the plug-and-play kit saves you the hours it takes to build up most grow tents.
The equipment in the tent kit has been sized and chosen to work compatibly and help you grow plants with no issue. You can also assemble the kit in no time without using tools.
With all its benefits, the Hellogrower 20” still has a few cons you should know about. The fan might get too loud sometimes, causing noise pollution.
This grow tent kit which has been in service for over 10 years, is specially made to ensure success.
You can purchase an HTG Supply tent with the assurance that you will enjoy a good harves
Easy to set up
It has strong fans
Not enough fans
No thorough instructions
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2  The Bud Grower Complete Indoor Grow Kit with Fan, Soil, 24"x24"x60" Hut. Best Beginner Pick

The bud grower is a complete grow box kit that comes with everything you need to grow your herbs at a cheaper price range.
This is one of the best options for beginners as they lack the knowledge to buy compatible parts separately. The kit includes things like hang clips, lights, exhaust fans, pots, hot soil, leather case and many more.
Bud grower may not as hi-tech as Dealerz grow tent but an ultimate grow kit for freshers. You will never look for another grow tent due to this feature-rich addition in your place.
One of the best things about the HTG supply tents is that the plug-and-play kit saves you the hours it takes to build up most grow tents.
Also, the light and fan controls are kind of advanced and come handy at times. The carbon filter looks sleek and performs better than a few high-end filters.
Nobody would want the smell of your herbs to go out from your house, the carbon filter help you contain the smell.
Easy to set up
Everything you need comes with the kit
Advanced fan and light controls
Very big with a lot of accessories
The use of soil can make it messy
Does not get rid of all the smell
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3 VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Tent 

VIVOSUN grow tent is a great choice if what you seek is a big tent to grow plants indoors.
The tent has a mylar film lining which is good for reflecting about ninety-eight per cent of light.
This feature allows a direction of light to the grow beds specifically, instead of being wasted.
Also, if you care about the design of your grow tent, you will like VIVOSUN. The canvas for the tent is a robust 600D and the seams/corners are double stitched. This increases the grow tent’s durability and keeps the light in.
It has pole supports made from quality metal to keep your tent up. The tent component also has a snap-and-lock feature which makes setting up easier
The large open and close window on the tent gives you a clear view of the tent, hence you can easily monitor the plants. Lastly, VIVOSUN grown tent can be easily assembled and does not require the use of tools.
It is easy to install
The double stitching makes it durable
The metal zipper provides easy accessibility.
It is a bit expensive
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4  BloomGrow 24''x24''x48'' Grow Tent 

Growing plants indoors have become a lot easier with BloomGrow Tent.
The tent exterior is made with a durable 600D oxford cloth while the interior is lined with a reflective waterproof mylar film.
Every material used in making this tent is reflective directing the light to the grow beds.
The seams are also sewn tightly to keep the light in. The entire tent is also double stitched to provide durability and to prevent leaks.
You can also assemble the tent quite easily with the instructions provided. The BloomGrow tent comes with plastic connectors and metal rods for assembling.
It also comes with vents that can accommodate filters such as fans. The rectangular vents help provide better ventilation. For a beginner in search of an affordable, durable tent, BloomGrow is a good choice.
It is durable
It keeps light in
It is easy to assemble
It has several vents
It has no winder for plant observation
It contains plastic which can be weakening
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5   Dealzer Oasis 2'x4'x6.5' - 4 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Tent System

Dealzer Oasis grow tent is the best among the top-rated hydroponic grow tents. This is my personal favorite, and it can accommodate up to 15 plants at once.
You don't have to worry about the sturdiness of the poles as they can carry up to 300 pounds.
The poles are constructed using only metals, no plastic at all. No-plastic poles mean strength and durability at its best.
Retailing at $995, this is the best option available at Amazon if you want an efficient and sturdy grow tent at a reasonable price.
Dealerz Oasis grow tent boasts a gravity-fed watering system. This grow-tent can keep going even without electricity.
On top, the system is crafted with simple and efficient design focusing on the needs of people who lack time to monitor the grow-tent.
Inexpensive when you see everything that is included
3 year warranty
Very efficient and quiet
Unlimited tech support
There is literally no cons here.
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6 Anjeet Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The hydroponic grow tent is a specially made grow tent and remains one of the best because of its stable, strong construction. If strength and durability are your major concerns in a grow tent, then this grow tent will suit just fine.
The tent’s exterior is made with a strong, tear-proof 600D oxford material. Instead, the reflective mylar lining within causes the light to reflect on the plants.
It also has a zipper for sealing the entire tent. Anjeet grows tent is good for growing all types of herbs.
The grow tent is also designed to make the setup process easier. The poles are made of metals that click easily and also some connectors that can be used for the corners.
Proper air circulation is also guaranteed with this tent as it comes with numerous vents to be used for filters and fans
The rectangle vents are covered with mesh which improves the ventilation while keeping insects and other pests out of the tent. Lastly, the tent has a removable floor tray that is waterproof and easy to clean.
It has a reflective interior
It has vents for fans and filters
Light leaks from the tent
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7  TopoLite 120"x120"x80" Indoor Grow Tent

One majorly appealing feature in this grow tent is the green window which allows the owners to look into the tent without having to go in
The window is designed to keep the light out while giving you the chance to monitor the progress of your herbs.
This way you can easily check if the conditions of the tent are suitable and if your plants are growing according to your expectations.
The tent is also durable as it comes with a stable, strong frame. The exterior is made with the tough 600D oxford cloth which also helps in keeping light out. This 600D oxford cloth is the best quality for growth tents which makes it more impressive.
The tent’s interior is made with a reflective mylar line which enhances the tent’s durability with its waterproofness. The tent’s zipper is solid and can open and close for months without breaking or spoiling.
The rods are also made with coated metal to provide durability and strength. For ventilation, the tent is provided with multiple vents which support the fans and filters. The rectangular vents are also covered with mesh to improve the ventilation
It is reflective
It’s convenient for use
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8  iPower GLTENTXL3 Grow Tent

With this iPower grow tent, you can be assured that your plants will grow to be healthy, big and nutritious. The grow tent is suitable for indoor gardens, hydroponics, condominiums, greenhouses and so many more
Its unit is made with water-resistant fabric which moderates the humidity and keeps light in. The fabric is also resistant to tearing, wearing and ripping, making it great for frequent use.
Its interior is lined with mylar which has a 95% reflectivity, retaining light and reflecting it on the plants. Its sealed seams help prevent moisture from escaping and its lightweight keeps it portable. 
If the electricity consumption of the grow tent concerns you, you can get this tent as it is energy efficient and consumes very little electricity.
The double-stitched cover is held with lightweight metal poles to keep it strong. The tent is packaged with an easy to clean floor tray, 2 filter straps and a manual.
It’s energy-efficient
It allows easy observation
The floor tray does not go up the wall
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9 Hydro Crunch D940009000 Hydroponic Grow Tent 

This grow tent is made specifically for indoor plant growth and has all the features needed for success. It is constructed with metal to provide strength and sturdiness.
The exterior is made with a 300D oxford cloth which is decent in the aspect of durability. While it is not as tough as the 600D cloth, it is still strong enough for a tent. The interior is lined with Mylar fabric to provide a 100% reflection.
Its interior is lined with mylar which has a 95% reflectivity, retaining light and reflecting it on the plants. Its sealed seams help prevent moisture from escaping and its lightweight keeps it portable. 
The multiple vents are placed correctly to provide an opening for filters and fans. Also, the cable events and ventilation windows are made specially to reduce or eliminate light loss. Its window screens are high density, designed to keep pests and insects out.
If you’re like most people who prefer washing their tents as often as possible, this tent is a great pick for you as its exterior and interiors are easily washable.
The assembling is very easy and quick. It also has heavy-duty pools which allow you to hang up heavy equipment.
To get a quick peek in on your plants, you can easily unseal the viewing windows located on the main door. This window allows you to see your plants without interrupting its growth activity.
To get a quick peek in on your plants, you can easily unseal the viewing windows located on the main door. This window allows you to see your plants without interrupting its growth activity.
Easy to assemble
It’s durable
It’s quite expensive
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What to look for while buying a grow-tent?

Growing herbs indoors without a grow box is easier said than done. Indoor farming / hydroponic farming requires a constant light source and water source
Having said that, you should look for long-lasting led light sets and a reliable water feeding system. Equally, the grow box should be able to retain the heat within to conserve energy and time.
Further, a perfect grow box should have the strength to hold the pots, hydroponic systems, and all other accessories.
It is ideal to choose a no-plastic grow tent as they use high-quality metals to construct the frames.
Finally, buy grow boxes that come with maximum You would need so many additional accessories and devices to keep the hydroponic farming up and running.
It is wise to choose a kit that comes with all the required accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which grow box is currently the best on the market?
As of 2019, the SuperCloset range of box kits is the most advanced on the market. However, they do not come cheap, so I would only advise advanced grow kit users to purchase this brand. There are plenty of cheaper grow boxes that retail for less than $1,000.
Is your company officially registered?
To buy a stealth grow box it is always wise to research the best one available on the market. This is why we created a detailed and lengthy review of all the best grow boxes on the market. Please read the review and if you find the box you are looking for simply click on the 'Check Amazon' button and you will be able to order from Amazon.
What is the difference between a grow box and a grow tent?
Both are similar in function however they are not the same. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Firstly grow tents have more space then grow boxes meaning you can hold more plants. Grow tents are easier to move if needs be. Grow boxes, however, are more durable and pleasing on the eye
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