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Why CBD Oil Should not be Considered a Novel Food! (Update January 2020)

For centuries, people have used plants as a part of there diet and to balance their health. With plant-based diets and supplements rising in popularity as more people pursue a healthy lifestyle, reduce risk of disease, and seek the best quality of life.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Ireland? (Update January 2020)

If you’re a resident of The Republic of Ireland or you’re a tourist on a visit to the Emerald Isle, you may be wondering where you can buy CBD oil. Now, before finding that out, and also understanding how to select the right type of oil, it would be a good idea to see if buying CBD oil in Ireland is legal or not.

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What Makes Feminized Seeds Different from Auto-flowering Seeds?

With cannabis garnering more mainstream support each day, many new farmers are considering including hemp and marijuana strains into their list of plants. If you have an interest in growing marijuana for its medicinal values, picking seeds is one of the crucial aspects. There are many things to review before choosing a particular seed. Experience […]

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Which States Count Total THC in Hemp and Which Count only Delta-9 THC?

If you don’t know, hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant and one of its 85 ingredients. This strain is very popular amongst the masses and is used by millions of people across the globe.

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Top 13 Cannabis Nutrients To Buy

While growing healthy cannabis plants simply requires rich nutrients, selecting the best nutrient for the job might prove to be challenging. This is because there are so many different nutrient brands out there offering you nutrients to choose from.

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A Guide to CBD oil in Galway. (Update January 2020)

While CBD has become one of the most prominent health supplements in recent years, government regulation around the world has struggled to keep up with public cannabinoid demand. So Ireland and nearby cities including Galway is no exception.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Italy? (Update January 2020)

With the many benefits attached to CBD Oil, it seems pretty obvious that it should be legal in every country of the world. Yet, there is a buzz on whether CBD is legal in many countries of Europe, one of which is Italy. Many people are curious to know whether it is lawful to use CBD oil in Italy. People travelling to Italy from other countries are especially interested in knowing if they can carry CBD oil into Italy without getting arrested.

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Can Vaping CBD Lead to Popcorn Lung?

Concerns around vaping cannabis are always hot topics, both online and offline. With the rise of the use of CBD, many CBD products are now in the spotlight. How safe are CBD products? Can I get popcorn lung if I vape CBD?

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25 Best Indoor Herb Grow Lights. (Update January 2020)

Buying a grow light for indoor farming requires close attention to details. You need to make sure a grow light has proper illumination, coverage, and plant penetration. This is essential because plants need the right quantity of illumination, good coverage and sufficient penetration of light to get the nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy growth. […]

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20 Best Bud Trimming Machines and Trimming Scissors. (Update January 2020)

So you spent months and many dollars trying to grow perfect flowers in your yard. Taking care of flowers can be fun and rewarding if done correctly.

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Is CBD Oil Legal In Portugal? (Update January 2020)

Contents1 Introduction to CBD in Portugal2 History of CBD oil in Portugal3 What is the legal status of CBD oil in Portugal?3.1 How to get CBD oil in Portugal?3.2 What is the legal status of CBD oil in Europe?3.2.1 SO, what is in store for the future of CBD oil in Portugal3.3 Why is CBD […]

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