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10 Best Stealth Grow Box Systems For Your Flowers in 2021


With the legalisation and rapid rise of legal forms of cannabis all around the world, grow cabinets or grow boxes are now a heavily sought after product.

When we say legalised cannabis we are not talking about marijuana we are talking about hemp. Although these grow boxes can also grow marijuana however this is illegal in most countries around the world.

In general, people think about hemp if you say legal cannabis. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis strain hemp. Here, we will advise you on the best ways to grow hemp at home. Stealth grow boxes or grow cabinets using hydroponic systems are the ones you use when growing hemp at home.

What is a Stealth Grow Box?

A stealth grow box is a unit for growing plants in your own home. They are made to be discreet and fit in within the décor of your home while the plant grows safely inside. This box functions using light, and water enriched with nutrients to supply the plant with all the essentials for growth.

Stealth grow boxes are ideal for anyone looking for a place to grow herbs or other plants for personal use at home without needing space outside or a greenhouse. This is a self-contained unit for optimum plant growth using LED lighting and nutrients to guarantee quality grow conditions.

We will look at some of the best stealth grow boxes & cabinets available on the market right now.


Let me say this, legalisation of cannabis doesn’t carry the same set of rules and regulations in all countries. In some cases including most of Europe, a license is required to grow hemp in your home.

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10 Best High-End Stealth Grow Boxes

ProductSizeNo. of Plants
#1 My U.S. Pick SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box (US Only)18” wide, 24” deep & 30” high2
#2 My EU Pick Stealth Grow Box (UK & EU Only)18" wide, 16" deep & 35" high2
#3 The Trinity 3.0: Triple Chamber Grow Box (U.S. Only)72” wide x 24” deep x 72” high24
#4 The New SuperFlower! (U.S. Only)36” wide x 24” deep x 72” high16
#5 SuperNova Smart Grow Closet (U.S. Only)46″ wide x 24″ deep x 78″ high 12
#6 Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box (US Only)24" wide x 16.5" deep x 68" high4
#7 Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box (US, UK, Canada & EU)14" wide x 14" deep x 48" high4
#8 6 Clone LED Hydroponics Grow Box (US Only)16" Wide, 11" Deep & 28" high6
#9 Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box (US Only)24" wide, 16.5" deep & 36" high1
#10 Hellogrower 40" Tall Stealth 300 Watt LED Grow Box (US Only)40" high

#1 SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box (U.S. Only)

When you want to balance function, efficiency, and cost, it’s tough to beat this SuperBox LED Smart Grow Box. This grow box is by far your best bet for under $1000 because it features many of the options you get in more expensive models.


Beginners may not be ready to splurge on a larger version, making this an attractive choice for getting into indoor growing. The compact size may draw small space residents who want to harvest greens year-round. You can easily fit eight plants with the hydroponics setup or six with the soil system, which works well for small households.

Set up is fast and easy, even for beginners. If you get stuck, try out the company’s tutorial videos to get going again. You can even download an app to your phone or tablet to set schedules for light and water. As a bonus, there’s a WiFi GrowCam that allows you to observe your plants without opening the doors to disrupt the process.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S.  only at this time.


  • Compact size fits almost anywhere
  • Energy-efficient design features LED lights
  • Quick and easy set up perfect for beginners
  • Choose hydroponic setup or soil growth system
  • Better price point than alternatives


  • Smaller than other systems
  • Some quality control issues with missing or broken components

#2 Stealth Grow Box – Led Grow Box Hydroponic (Europe & U.K. Only)

If you’re based in Europe, is your best bet. Their grow boxes offer the most competitive price/quality ratio at Europe and UK level. The yield will amaze even the most experienced grower, and you can choose from several add-ons for a smooth growing experience (temperature and humidity sensor, nutrient sensor, webcam, LED/CFL lights, etc).

Grow-Cabinet is based in Europe and has been operating since 2012. They have experienced steady growth in business and serve markets in Europe (Free shipping) and the UK with plans to soon extend to the USA, Canada and Australia.

Right now, they provide wooden LED / CFL stealth grow boxes for all kinds of plants or herbs and have a variety of options (in terms of size, colour, and add-ons) to suit various requirements.

In 2020, based on customer research, launched it’s branded 3D Printed Carbon Filter – a great addition to any grow system, as it significantly reduces odours and contributes to a great growing environment for your plants.

They also build custom grow boxes, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to them as they could be able to build your dream grow box.

There is simply no other choice but if you are located in Europe or UK.

Shipping: UK & EU shipping only


  • Best Stealth Grow Boxes under 1000$
  • The systems come assembled (Plug & Play)
  • The company provides 1-2-1 expert advice when getting started
  • Multiple Add-ons and Automations that will allow you to control the conditions inside the grow cabinet better for an optimum yield
  • Free Shipping to EU countries
  • Furniture look. Easily blends in with your furniture


  • Can hold up to two plants
  • No USA delivery yet

#3 SuperTrinity Smart Grow Closest (U.S. Only)

The SuperTrinity Grow is built to last & offer extremely high yields. This three chamber, dual cabinet system is designed to offer a perpetual cycle grow with maximum output.


This is one of the most lavish and sophisticated grow boxes on the market and certainly the most expensive. The SuperTrinity Grow box can be used to grow your favourite herbs straight out of the box.

At a total size of 92” wide, 24” deep and 78” high, this Smart Grow Closet is by far SuperCloset’s highest yielding cabinet system


It comes with all the accessories that are required to start the herb growing process. App integration allows you to have complete control of lighting time and water schedule from the comfort of your phone.

Above all, this is a fully automated stealth grow box with two sets of 16-plant hydroponic systems. You also get a warranty on all parts and tech support for a lifetime.

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Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S.  only at this time.


  • Biggest grow box on the market
  • Holds up to 24 plants
  • Dual activated carbon air filtration per closet ensures no smell
  • App integration allows complete control over water and light schedules


  • By far the most expensive grow box on the market
  • Although it can hold up to 24 plants this means the unit is very big and takes up a lot of space.

#4 SuperFlower Smart Grow Closet (U.S. Only)

This Smart Grow Closet features plenty of room for air to circulate around your plants so that they can reach maximum height.

The internal digital Hygrometer and Thermometer blend with the aesthetic but accurately monitor the environment for your plants. Further, LED lights and adjustable anti-mould reflective panels ensure proper light distribution for your plants.


This Smart Grow Closet features plenty of room for air to circulate around your plants so that they can reach maximum height. The internal digital Hygrometer and Thermometer blend with the aesthetic but accurately monitor the environment for your plants.

Further, LED lights and adjustable anti-mould reflective panels ensure proper light distribution for your plants.


You don’t have to worry about several wires and cords or adding another power strip to your grid because this cabinet uses a single, standard plug. Additionally, this cabinet is up to 20% more energy efficient than other grow systems.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S.  only at this time.


  • Interior is tall enough to accommodate nearly any flower or plant
  • Functional for soil growth or hydroponics
  • Includes an activated carbon air filtration system
  • Connects to a smart app for easy water and light management
  • Features Smart-Tech control


  • Quite expensive
  • You need plenty of space for this massive grow closet

#5 SuperNova Smart Grow Closet (U.S. Only)

When you want to grow year-round and maintain a controlled environment for your plants, finding an appropriate box or container can be a massive challenge.

You may find something with all of the helpful features you want, but it can’t accommodate your plants. When you find something large enough, it tends to lack the useful features you desire.


SuperNova aims to solve your problem with their Smart Grow Closet. Arguably the largest grow closet available, this cabinet features two chambers. The vegetation and flower portion accommodates up to twelve large hydroponics chambers or eight 5-gallon soil pots.

You also get plenty of room for up to fifty seedlings in the cloning chamber!


This Smart Grow Closet isn’t just massive; it’s high-tech. You can download a smart app to set timers and manage lighting and watering schedules to maximise your crop. The discreet design features a locking door, anti-mould panels, and dual activated carbon scrubbers to filter the air.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S.  only at this time.


  • Massive dual-chamber design for a consistent harvest cycle
  • Smart app to control lighting and watering from phone or tablet
  • Configurations for hydroponics or soil growth
  • Energy efficient
  • Video tutorial available to help you grow


  • Very expensive
  • It may heat up too much with the doors closed all the way

#6 Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box (U.S, Canada & Europe)

If you want to grow hydroponic plants without the mess, privacy concerns, and guesswork of traditional growing, Grobo’s stealth grow box is the perfect option. Growing plants usually requires a ton of time and knowledge if you want to produce healthy, high-yield plants.

So, most people find it difficult to grow their own plants.

Grobo-Premium-Automated-SystemNow, there is a solution, with a Grobo stealth box, the average person is able to grow like a professional discreetly in the comfort of their home. Take a look at our review of this innovative growing system to learn how to get your own, set it up, and get started.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the US, Canada, Ireland, UK and most of Europe. Best of all shipping is free which is amazing for a package this big.

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  • High quality yields up to 3oz every 4 months
  • Contains smell reducing carbon filter for discreet growing
  • Does not take up much space compared to the SuperTrinity
  • Free Shipping


  • Very Expensive
  • Yield is a lot smaller than the SuperTrinity

#7 Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics System (U.S. Only)

The Growzilla 4 was one of the best grow boxes in 2019. It is an improved version of the previous 3.0 model made to grow healthier, bigger plants.

This model was optimised after six months of upgrades and tests and the final result is a grow box that grows fine, healthy herbs indoors. The Growzilla 4.0 grow box is very huge with its 5’8 foot tall size.

It is also a vertical box hence that plants grow from the box’s bottom towards the top where the light is. You can also adjust the light in the box, making it possible to grow almost any plant.

Also, if you are wary about the energy consumption level of grow boxes, Growzilla can ease that tension.

The energy consumption level is very low to the point that it’s almost unnoticeable, hence you won’t have to worry about your electricity costs.

Growzilla 4.o is simpler to use than the previous version, making it a great grow box for beginners.

It also allows you to control the odour of the plants in your home with the Odor Control Scent equalizer. Overall, it is a cost-effective box when compared to smaller grow boxes.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S.  only at this time.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for tall plants
  • Comes with everything except the seeds


  • No lifetime warranty on the light
  • No where near the quality of the above five options

#8 6 Clone LED Hydroponics Grow Box (U.S. Only)

The price tag on this Dealzer hydroponics grow box may appeal to you, especially if you have limited space to work with or just want to dip your toe in the water. It’s compact and low-profile to fit almost anywhere but features everything you need to grow a few plants.


This grow box lets you clone plants and is not meant for full-size vegetables or flowers. It also works well for seedlings and can keep plants up to two feet tall, so you may want to plan accordingly. This kit may make an excellent starter system for beginners or an extension to an existing system for experienced hydroponics growers to expand.

You get everything you need to get started, except for the seeds. The LED light enhances growth and includes a timer for your convenience. Aside from the instructions and tips included with the kit, you get unlimited access to the company’s technical support team.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S.  only at this time.


  • Low-profile design works for seedlings and clones
  • Russian wood exterior looks appealing
  • Access to unlimited customer support
  • Affordable price with free delivery


  • Much smaller than other options
  • Side lighting could burn overgrown plants

#9 Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant (U.S. Only)

The 5.0 version of Grandma’s Secret Garden grow box is a big upgrade from the 4.0 version. This grow box version is fully optimized to produce healthy plants all through the year.

The 3 foot grow box model was tested for 6 months before its release, making sure it can continually grow big, healthy plants.

If you prefer growing a smaller number of plants at a time, Grandma’s Secret Garden might be the best pick for you as it has the capacity to grow 4 big plants and 9 smaller ones.

The box is 36 inches tall, 30 inches wide, making it a good choice for both big and small areas. It also comes with a 150w HID Led Light, filters and hydroponic system.

For odour control, Grandma’s Secret Garden comes with a feature that controls odour leakage. This can protect your home or room from an overwhelming smell of herbs.

The package includes an air pump that provides oxygen to the plant’s roots. This boosts the growth of plants by an impressive percentage.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S. only at this time.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • All in one kit
  • Odour control
  • 10 years of grow box experience


  • It is expensive for what you get

#10 Hellogrower 40″ Tall Stealth 300 Watt LED Box (U.S. Only)

While the Hellogrower 40” was, and is still, a popular grow box due to all its interesting features, the Hellogrower 40” was built to capitalise on its good features with some extra additions.

The grow box was perfected and tested for months to ensure it can produce big, healthy plants before its release. This grow box has a strong fan to provide fresh air to your plants. It’s also durable as it is lined with mylar film to take full advantage of the light.

Hellogrower 40” is a great choice for first-time users as it has a timer which makes it easier to set light schedules for the box. The shaded rear vents and sealed front door also helps in controlling the odour, keeping your house odour-free.

An interesting addition to his grow box is a 4 site hydroponic system. The DWC hydroponics provides oxygenated water and nutrients to plants, boosting the plant’s growth.
Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S.  only at this time.


  • No noise and very discreet unlike other cheap grow boxes
  • Does not take up much space
  • Can be locked
  • Good price


  • Not very visually appealing
  • Small yield

#11 Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box (U.S. Only)

Hydroponics allows for a clean growing experience, but many of the grow systems feature open setups that can impact your plants. This American-made option by Dealzer features a closed system so that you can maintain control of the environment from seedling to harvest.


Featuring a compact, discreet design, this grow box fits almost anywhere in your house and resembles a storage cabinet. It’s sturdy but not too heavy for one person to move around.

The hand-painted, high-quality wood box looks so sharp it resembles a hand-crafted piece. Plus, it features internal full-spectrum LED lights on the top and sides, plus built-in odour control fans.

This grow kit includes everything you need (except for seeds), and it’s easy to set up, even for beginners with no experience using hydroponics. The company includes free tech support with every purchase so that they can help you through any snags.

Shipping: Available to be shipped to the U.S.  only at this time.


  • Kit includes everything but the seeds
  • Compact, discreet design
  • Free tech support
  • Reasonably priced with free shipping and a lifetime warranty included


  • You may need to do a little trial and error
  • No smart apps like other options on the list

When Using a Stealth Grow Box what is the Smell like?

Most quality brands of grow boxes come with installed carbon filters as part of the unit. This ensures that any smell or odour coming from your plant or herb is contained and filtered before leaving the grow box.

When choosing a stealth grow box for your home it is best to research and choose one which comes with such a feature. Thankfully we have put together a comprehensive list of grow systems for you here and highlighted those which come with filters for odour prevention.

How to Set up a Stealth Grow Box

So, you have ordered your stealth grow box, received your delivery and now wondering where to begin? Here are some steps to consider when setting up your grow box:

  • Find a space in your home where your grow box can sit undisturbed amongst your furniture.
  • Clean the area before setting up your grow box to ensure no dust or germs get onto the grow box system while you set it up.
  • Follow the instructions that come with your grow box carefully. Check each step is completed correctly before moving onto the next.
  • Monitor your plants as required to check watering, lighting and other areas are all working as they should.
  • Now, watch your plants grow!

How Tall Should a Stealth Grow Box be?

The height of your grow box will depend on what type of plant you wish to grow in it and how many. Some plants grow taller than others and so need more space to mature. Decide on your herbs / plants first before making any purchases.

A small sized grow box is around 24” high, some may be a little less. A medium height option would be 36” to 48” high. Lastly a very tall option of grow box can be anywhere from 60” to 80” in height. It depends on the brand of box too of course but this should give you a general idea.

If you are stuck for space in terms of height do some research on your chosen plant and see if short varieties are available to lessen the need for space on top. Make sure to measure out the area at home you plan to place your grow box before purchasing one so that when your unit arrives it suits the size of your space whether big or small.

As grow boxes increase in popularity so do the varieties in design. So, whether you live  in an apartment or a house you will find the best option for your home.

The Benefits of Using Indoor Grow Boxes

As opposing to growing herbs on soil, hydroponic farming uses just a fluid mixture of nutrients and water. Hydroponic farming and hydroponic systems revolutionised the way we grew herbs. Here are some benefits of indoor grow boxes;


Highly convenient, and that’s something all of us would prefer over awful farming on the soil. Building a hydroponic system requires a lot of expertise, time, space, and dedication.

Trust me; you do not want to build a hydroponic system from scratch. Hydroponic grow boxes are plug and play, and that’s why people prefer them the most.

Faster growth

Comparably, hydroponic grow boxes offer more rapid growth by transferring the nutrients swiftly. Hydroponic systems provide light and water directly to the roots and herbs. As a consequence, the herbs absorb the nutrients quickly and grow faster than traditional soil-farming.

No-soil Farming

Hydroponic systems don’t use soil to grow plants. “No soil” farming means no bug infestations, fungus or diseases. Soil is the primary route for the funguses and plant-eating bugs to reach the herbs.

While growing the herbs using only water, you can avoid all these unnecessary woes.


Hydroponic grow boxes reuse the water, and it brings down the water wastage, which is not the case in regular gardening. Water re-usage means the overall expense on maintenance becomes less. Likewise, hydroponic grow boxes conserve the human effort during the entire farming process.

The Difference Between a Grow Box & Grow Tent

The practice of indoor gardening is gaining wide acceptance each passing day as more people feel a need to grow one plant or the other. However, a lot of folks are still confused about the best indoor growing apparatus to use, grow tent or grow box.

Both are similar in function and features, but they are not the same. Below, we help you outline the major differences between a grow tent and a grow box. This will help you know which works best for you.

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Grow Tent Capacity

Grow tents have more space to plant your crops when compared to the grow box. That is to say, with Grow tents you are guaranteed to plant more crops and get more output.

Experienced gardeners go for Grow tents over Grow boxes because of this simple difference.

Ease of Movement

Grow tents are designed in such a way that it is easy to dismantle it and couple it back. This makes it very user-friendly when compared to the Grow box because it can easily be moved from one place to another.

Even though it is not advisable, but a situation arises that demands that you change the location of your indoor garden.


One of the characteristics of great product design is maintainability. The people that designed the Grow tent made it maintainable. This is one feature that makes the Grow tent stand out from the grow box.

In the event that you need to upgrade any of the parts, or replace broken components, you can easily do that without waiting for a professional


Unlike the Grow Box, the Grow tent is intentionally designed in such a way that you can access any part of the tent without disturbing the crops. This is because a big Grow tent has many access points that enable you to reach the back of the container.

Grow Boxes Have Greater Durability

On the other hand, because of the portability of Grow tents, it is prone to wear and tear especially if you bought a cheap one. Grow boxes are stronger and durable.

So, if you are looking for something that will serve you longer, then you might consider getting a Grow box.


Well, some people care so much about the look of a device especially if it’s one that will be placed inside their home. If your indoor garden is somewhere that is visible to all, then you might consider getting something that is appealing to the eyes.

This is something that the Grow box offers better than the Grow tent. The Grow box is designed to look like a cabinet that can easily blend in as one of the home furniture.

Legal Disclaimer

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

Frequently Asked Questions
🍀 What is the benefit of using indoor grow boxes?

The main reasons for using an indoor grow box includes convenience, faster growth, no-soil farming, conservation and to allow for discreet growing.

🍀 What is the most recommended grow box for more than $1,000

The most recommended grow box is the Grobo for a number of reasons. High-quality yields, its size means it can be placed comfortably anywhere in the house, no smell, no noise and best of all they deliver to the US, UK and EU. Most stealth grow boxes deliver to one location which is usually the US or Canada.

🍀 What is the most recommended grow box for less than $1,000

The most recommended grow box for less than $1,000 is the brand Stealth Grow Box. Features include; the system comes assembled (Plug & Play). The company provides 1-2-1 expert advice when getting started, multiple add-ons & automation that will allow you to control the conditions inside the grow cabinet better. And finally Free Shipping to EU countries which is amazing when you think how much it should cost to deliver one of these.

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