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How Tall Should a Stealth Grow Box be?


Any plant lover without enough space for growing plants or funds to set up a greenhouse would significantly benefit from owning a stealth grow box. You can purchase or construct the box at home.

What is a Stealth Grow Box?

A stealth grow box is a structure used to grow herbs and other plants for personal use at home. It is an alternative for an outside garden or a greenhouse.

A stealth box can also be defined as a self-contained unit that supports the optimum growth of plants using LED lighting and nutrients.

The structure guarantees quality grow conditions for plant growth. Like a greenhouse, plants are usually enclosed within a stealth box.

How to Build a Grow Box

Below is a step by step guide for how to build a stealth grow box following these steps.

Step 1: Gathering the suitable materials

The first step is to gather the materials you will need for the project. Below is a list of the required materials for constructing a stealth box:

  • Pieces of industrial particleboard
  • A staple gun
  • A circular saw
  • Wire cutters and duct tape
  • A cordless drill
  • Wood screws (3-inch)
  • Cup hooks and hinges
  • A flush cabinet hinge (self-closing)

Step 2: Constructing the frame

Once you have all the materials you will need for the project, you can begin building the frame. First, you must determine the size of the stealth grow box you wish to build and cut out the frame. You will need wood screws for putting together the frame.

You will also need a circular saw for cutting the wood as you go on. In most cases, it is wise to start by constructing the cabinet and placing the frame on the top, sides, and bottom. Ensure that the cabinet and frame construction is sturdy as it will house all the components of the stealth grow box.

Step 3: Installing the interior components

Once you have the frame ready, you can start working on the interior components. Below are some of these components:

  • Fan- The fan is required for enhancing the airflow within the box. You can install the fan by cutting a small hole in the upper right corner of the cabinet. The size of the hole will depend on the fan’s size.
  • Lights- LED or CFL lights are required for the optimal growth of plants inside the stealth box. They also provide the necessary heat inside the box. You will need dual bulb adapters for installing the lights and an extension cord to transfer electricity from an exterior outlet. You can build a different frame for the lighting.

carbon filters for grow boxes

  • Irrigation- When installing the irrigation, you will need to consider the type of plants in the box. You will need a water filter, pressure regulator, and a trimmer for the irrigation system. A drip irrigation system is the easiest to install. It also saves water and delivers moisture in a controlled fashion.
  • Timers and thermometers- Your stealth box needs a thermometer and humidity gauge for tracking the levels inside the box. A timer will also help with the same.

Step 4: Laying the tarp

Once all the interior components are installed and confirmed to be functional, you can now lay the tarp. The role of the tarp is to keep the frame from rotting due to contact with water. Laying the tarp is one of the easiest things to do.

All you need is to cut the right size, depending on the frame and cabinet measurements. Ensure that the tarp covers all the walls and the floors inside the stealth box. With that, you can start growing your plants in the box.

How Tall Should One be?

There is no standard height for a stealth box. The height of a stealth box depends on the following elements:

  • The type of plants you want to grow in it (the maximum height the plants can grow). Some plants tend to grow taller than others when they mature
  • The number of plants you wish to grow in the stealth box (The more the plants, the taller the stealth box should be)

The most common heights for stealth boxes are:

  • Small- around 24” high or slightly less
  • Medium- between 36” to 48” high
  • Tall- around 60” to 80” high

If you choose to buy a ready-made stealth box, the standard heights may differ depending on the brand. However, if you decide to construct one at home, you can select whichever size you wish.

What is the Purpose of a Carbon Filter in a Grow Box?

A carbon filter is usually part of an air exhaust system in an isolated space like a grow box. Carbon filters contain beds of activated carbon or charcoal with several interior pores. The air inside the grow box is vented through the carbon filter.

When the air passes through it, smells, dust, spores, pollen, and other airborne pollutants are trapped. Therefore, carbon filters help block odours from spreading out from your grow space.

It also traps allergens, protecting the people who come into contact or live around the grow boxes from allergic reactions and discomfort. It is worth explaining that a carbon filter does not purify the air going inside the grow box but the one coming out of it.

Where to Buy a Stealth Grow Box

There are numerous places where you can purchase stealth grow boxes. Below are some of these places by location:

In Europe

In Europe, you can buy a stealth grow box from online and offline stores dealing in plants and growing materials. High-end stores like Target also sell stealth grow boxes.

In the US

You can effortlessly buy a stealth grow boxes from online stores in the US. All you have to do is use your search engine to look up stores that sell these grow boxes, and you will get a sloth of options. You can also visit a plant store for options.

What is the Cost of One?

The cost of a stealth grow box depends on the following elements:

  • Size- Naturally, the larger the box, the higher the cost, and vice versa
  • Brand- The brand from which you acquire the box will also significantly influence its cost
  • Design- High-end stealth boxes are often more expensive than the latter
  • Location- Naturally, buying a stealth grow box in the US will not cost the same as buying one in Europe. This is because of the different economies, among other factors.

cannabis plants legality

While there is no specific amount for all stealth grow boxes, a good one may cost between 500 to 1000 USD.

How to Set up Stealth Grow Boxes

The first thing you must do is select an ideal location for the grow box. It would help if you were out of sight and at a place where you can easily access it when you want to check out your plants and work on them.

The box also needs to be near an electric outlet to function its internal components like lights and fans. Depending on your home and the amount of space you have, you can set it up in your attic or behind your closet. Setting up the box is as easy as finding an ideal location and plugging it in.

When using a stealth grow box, can you smell the plant?

With the right carbon filter, you cannot smell the plant. The carbon filter traps all the odours inside the box as air is vented through it.

What other Plants can I put in a Stealth Grow Box?

There is no limit to the plants you can grow in a stealth box. However, it would be wise to choose plants that do not grow too tall when they mature, ones that do not release a strong odour, and generally plants that are easy to maintain.

How to Hide a Stealth Grow Box at Home

You can hide your stealth box by setting it up in a location where guests and friends cannot see it. For instance, you can have it in your attic or any other place out of sight.

How to make it look discreet

If you do not have an out of sight location to set up your stealth box, you can make it look discrete by:

  • Building it to resemble furniture in your home
  • Using it as a piece of furniture
  • Installing noise blockers inside the box and a carbon filter
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