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How to Make a Stealth Grow Box


Do you want to know how to make a stealth grow box? Well, you have come to the right place. Stealth growing is instrumental when you want to hide the plants or keep them locked. It gives your home or premises a decluttered look and gives the plants a conducive environment to thrive away from the harsh natural conditions.

Regardless of the type of plants you want to grow, the box helps you do so wherever you are. You only have to be ready to provide the plants with the required nutrients. Let’s explore how you can make one.

What is a Stealth Grow Box?

Before we reveal how to make a stealth box, let’s understand what this system is. It refers to the hydroponic growing system in which plants are grown without soil. Instead of using soil, nutrients and water are used to feed and give the required environment for the plants.

People who love to grow plants indoors but don’t have the required space to use the stealth grow boxes. It allows them to create a mini-environment and grow their plants in that.

Why Should You Build a Grow Box?

There are many benefits why you should go for a stealth box. Here is why you should build this box for your plants.

To Grow Plants Indoors

As we said, people who don’t have adequate space or an outdoor garden can always opt for growing plants indoors. This way, they can take care of the plants and grow them according to their wish. If you love flowers, then growing these in your indoors is an excellent option.

how to make a stealth grow box at home

However, you must be ready to provide the plants with what they need. For this purpose, you will require a stealth box. These boxes are prepared so that they provide all the necessities for the thriving of the plants.

To Keep Children Away From Plants

If you are growing any plants in your house, but your children are interested in destroying them, then this is one of the best ways to keep them away from the plants. For this purpose, you can use stealth grow boxes that are safe for children and make it impossible to see the plants.

To Grow Plants Wherever

Stealth boxes offer you the flexibility of growing your plants anywhere and everywhere. If you are travelling, the stealth box provides you with an opportunity to take your indoor garden wherever you go along.

To Keep the Systems Safe

Stealth grow boxes are made in such a way that they keep your plants safe. You don’t need to worry about them getting damaged or stolen. They are completely safe and secure; moreover, if you make one for yourself at home, then it prevents the chances of any thieves breaking into your home.

To Control Growth

You can control the growth of plants in stealth boxes depending on their needs and requirements. This allows you to plan things as per your convenience and helps you keep a check on the growth of plants. Just invest some time in building one for yourself so that it becomes easier to tend to your plants.

To Grow More Plants at Less Cost

It saves you money. You don’t need to spend extra bucks on buying pots or other kinds of containers. If you are looking forward to growing a large number of plants, then this is one of the best ways to go about it.

To Grow Smaller Plants

Stealth grow boxes are perfect for growing smaller plants at home. You can keep them anywhere according to your wish without worrying about their size. If you have less space or area, this is one of the best options available.

What You Need When Making a Stealth Grow Box?

Making a stealth box is pretty easy. You don’t require much, just the essential tools and the right kind of material to follow the process. Let us see some of these items which are required for making it.

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You will need some basic thick Styrofoam boards to make the walls of your stealth box. You should also have a few other items as you begin the process; they come in handy. Here is what you should have.

• Hand Saw
• Power Drill
• Packing Tape
• Glue Gun with Sticks
• Marker Pencils
• Goggles for Protection

A Step By Step Guide for Making a Stealth Grow Box

Once you have all the items mentioned above ready, it is time to get started. Let us see how you can make one for yourself.

Step 1: Making the Bottom of the Box

First of all, design your box keeping in mind that you require a square or rectangular box. Now, take your Styrofoam board and cut it into the appropriate size. Make sure that the box is large enough to accommodate all the plants you want to grow.

Step 2: Making the Walls of the Box

Once you have made a right-sized box for yourself, take another piece of Styrofoam board and cut it according to your requirement. It should be a little bit larger than the box you have just designed and made. Now, cut two of the edges with a hand saw and then glue and stick them together using a hot glue gun to give it a permanent bond. Do this for all four sides of the box, and then wait till it dries up completely.

Step 3: Making the Lid

Take two pieces of Styrofoam boards and cut them into the correct size. Make sure that they are large enough to be glued on top of your box with extra space. Once you have made these cuts, glue them up at the edges, so there is a complete seal over the box.

Step 4: Making the Ventilation Holes

Take long boxes which you have used for making your box and cut them into halves. Make sure that these ventilation holes are at an appropriate distance so that they can provide the necessary airflow to your plants.

You may break the Styrofoam board into small pieces if you feel it is hard to cut it. You can also use a drill for making these holes if cutting the board is difficult. Now, glue up some of these pieces of boards on top of your lid to make ventilation holes.

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Step 5: Making the Drainage Holes

Take another Styrofoam board and drill holes just in the middle of it to make drainage holes. Take a smaller box, cut it into halves, and then glue the pieces in the bottom of your grow box just between the ventilation and drain hole.

Step 6: Making Your Drainage System

Take appropriate sized gravel or paver stones to help you with the proper drainage system. You should glue them in a pot and place them at the bottom of your grow box.

Step 7: Fitting the Drainage System

Close your drain holes by glueing some Styrofoam boards to cover each hole. You will require sucking or straw-like objects to fit into these holes and out of the box.

Step 8: Adding Bottom Layer of Soil

Place some soil on the bottom, and then plant your seedlings into that. You can continue placing soil as per requirement and then let them grow.

Step 9: Making Lid and Final Touches

Finally, make a lid for your stealth box, and then you can place a small light bulb or a growing lamp inside the box. Use your grow box to grow any of your favourite plants at home and have easy access to them whenever you want.

How Easy is it to Make a Grow Box?

Making a stealth box should not be a difficult task. These boxes can be used to grow any of your favourite plants with the help of a little bit of creativity and innovation. You just need to ensure that you follow all these steps and tips, and then you will have your stealth box ready in no time.

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