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How to use and take cbd oil

How Do I Take/Use CBD Oil?


The idea of using CBD oil can be scary enough with all the paranoia and stigma surrounding it without factoring in how to use it. As a first-time user, you may be unsure how much CBD oil to take in a single dose, how often to take it or where to apply it.

To resolve that issue, here is a detailed guide on how to take CBD oil and other forms of CBD supplements. It might surprise you to learn just how many ways you can take CBD.

All the products we will discuss in this article are Cannabis CBD supplements only. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the non toxic member of the cannabis plant family. CBD oils and drops which are permitted as food supplements come from the hemp plant as it primarily contains non-toxic compounds like CBD or cannabidiol and others like THC but in trace amounts only.

You may hear a lot about the use of the cannabis plant and CBD to combat symptoms of health concerns like stress, sleep issues, arthritis and pain. However, it must be noted that an insufficient number of research studies with results have been carried out as of today to confirm such health benefits as factual.

how to take cannabidiol

How Do I Use CBD Oil & Add it to my Diet?

One of the easiest and most common ways to take CBD oil is through an oral CBD oil tincture. This method is simple and fast-acting due to its properties as a product. To use an oral tincture or bottle of oil:

  1. Fill the dropper to about one-third of the way full
  2. Deposit the CBD oil beneath your tongue.

The reason you take oral tinctures sublingually is because there are many minute capillaries near the surface of your skin under your tongue. CBD oil can be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream due to the proximity of these capillaries. Absorption through digestion is a much slower process.

  1. Let the oil sit under your tongue for about 90 seconds before swallowing; this gives your body ample time to absorb it.

CBD oil can also be added to food or used topically. As it is an oil, there is no limit to what food you can add it to. Adding CBD oil to food is not as effective or fast-acting as taking it sublingually, but it can be more pleasant if you dislike the taste or feeling of taking it orally. Research has shown that up 50% of the CBD can be lost in the digestive system meaning it is 50% less effective when digested.

Additionally, you can apply it directly to problem areas topically and let your body absorb it through the skin. This method is also not as potent as taking it sublingually, but it does bring faster relief to the specific area you apply it to. If you are unsure about taking CBD oil along with other medications then you are best to speak with your doctor first.

Whatever way you choose to take CBD into your body just remember that is should be a quality product and taken daily like any other vitamins, minerals or multivitamins you add to your diet. Calcium is taken by people for bone health, many men and women rely on vitamin d for immune system health and others now take a CBD food supplement in the same way.

CBD Oil for Pets & Dose Example

Like CBD oil for people, there are several methods for delivering CBD oil for pets.

Method 1

The most foolproof technique is to simply add it to their food intake. Work out the dosage and add it to their wet food or foods like treats they may get during the day. Start with a small amount first; if they don’t mind the taste, keep adding more until you reach the correct dosage.

Method 2

The second method to give pets CBD oil is to give it to them orally. This method is extremely dependent on if your pet is willing to cooperate.

Gently hold their mouth open and deliver the dose with a dropper. If they are agreeable, they will merely swallow it. Reward them with a treat after to ensure they continue this good behaviour.

Another method you can use if your pet is fussy is to add CBD oil to treats. Use porous treats that absorb the oil well, or buy pre-made CBD treats. This way, your pet will enjoy taking CBD and see it as a reward.

Other Methods of Consuming Cannabidiol

While CBD oil remains the most popular form of CBD consumption due to its versatility and relatively low price, there has been a recent rise in the variety of CBD products available on the market.

Other CBD products tend to be more expensive than CBD oil as more ingredients and processing go into making them. However, the convenience they provide is often worth the price to many people.


While you can take CBD oil through several different means, not everyone enjoys how it tastes, feels, or the application process. If you have mobility issues, poor eyesight, or just bad coordination, using a dropper can be pretty tough. Many people prefer to avoid this method and skip right to edibles, creams, and capsules.

With more and more people taking CBD, producers have risen to the challenge of finding a form to suit every person’s tastes. Here are a few of the most popular forms CBD can take and how to use them.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the most enjoyable ways to receive your daily dose of CBD. To take a CBD gummy, you need only chew it up like a normal gummy. This is an enjoyable way to mask the flavor of CBD oil.

It is also an excellent way to take CBD with you when traveling as it is less cumbersome than other methods. There are no glass bottles, just a bag of gummies. However, as gummies are taken orally and ingested, they will not be entirely as effective as taking a tincture sublingually.

CBD Capsules

If you struggle with keeping dosages consistent or you want to avoid unnecessary messes, capsules are the best way to take CBD. With a capsule, the CBD oil is contained in a regulated dose, and you can comfortably add it to your daily medication routine.

One downside to taking a capsule is that it has to be digested. This process can take upwards of 30 minutes to kick into effect. It is not the fastest method, but it is one of the cleanest. This method is not recommended for those who struggle to swallow pills.

Another benefit to taking CBD as a capsule is that the placebo effect of taking it as a medication can help to heighten its impact. Additionally, it can help quell and awkwardness or shame you feel regarding taking CBD. It makes it feel more official to take it in capsule form.

CBD Paste

CBD paste is perhaps one of the most versatile forms CBD products can take. It can be used sublingually, orally, or even topically. It is an excellent method for those who like variety and control.

To take CBD paste sublingually, squeeze out the desired dosage under your tongue and leave it to be absorbed for about 90 seconds before swallowing whatever remains. This is the most fast-acting way to take CBD paste.

If you want to take it orally, try adding CBD paste to your food. It is often made with natural fats like coconut oil or butter and can be easily added to most meals. You can mix it with a spread on toast, work it into a pasta sauce, or even add it to a smoothie.

Though it is not, and will not, feel like a cream, you can apply CBD paste topically. This method is useful for the fast relief of localized areas. To apply the CBD paste topically, rub the desired dosage into the problem area. Be sure to leave it alone for several minutes before washing off any excess that remains.

CBD Coffee

That’s right; as strange as it sounds, there is even CBD coffee. There are two main methods to taking CBD coffee. The first is to use already infused coffee with CBD. There are several brands on the rise that boast such products.

CBD infused coffee is made by adding CBD directly to the coffee beans. Though there have been no tests on how well CBD can withstand the brewing process, many people claim that the effects remain strong.

The other way to take CBD in coffee is to add it yourself with CBD-infused milk or another product. You can even add CBD oil yourself. CBD coffee has seen such a rise in popularity as of late because it can supposedly reduce the jitteriness and anxiety that coffee sometimes brings on.

Many people enjoy this as it provides a boost of energy without any of the normal drawbacks of coffee. The CBD helps to reduce the negative side effects without dampening the caffeine’s effect.


One of the other cannabinoids that is also present in cannabis is now gaining a lot of popularity and this is CBG oil. Due to its infancy, it can only be found in tincture form so far. However, we are very confident that CBG has as many benefits as CBD if not more and alternative CBG products will hit the market.

Final Thoughts

While using CBD can be an intimidating prospect at first, the more you learn about it, the more you will see how simple a task it can be. Whether you choose to take CBD oil or another form of CBD, there are several ways you can use each product.

While taking CBD oil sublingually is the most potent and fast-acting way to take it, you can also add it to food for consumption or apply it topically. CBD can take many forms and be taken in just as many ways. There is a CBD product to suit everyone’s preferences, and with its rise in popularity, more are bound to crop up.

One of the best benefits of the variety of CBD products is not only is there something for everyone, but you also don’t have to stick to just one method. Now you know how to take CBD in its many forms, you can experiment with different products and methods to find ones that work best for you. You may find that while adding CBD oil to your food is normally fine, other days, you may need to use it topically.

With so many ways to use CBD, you are sure to find a way that works for you. It may take some time and testing, but you are sure to find relief in some form of CBD product.

Disclaimer – This article is not intended to provide advice to any form or known illness. Please talk to your doctor if you seek medical advice. 

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