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Are You new to cbd?

Let’s be honest, starting out with CBD Supplements can be confusing! Are you unsure where to start with dosage or which product to choose?

This page is exactly where you need to be as we are here to answer all the questions you may have as a newbie to CBD!

How & Where to Buy CBD Oil in the UK & Northern Ireland
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That is the question on every CBD newbie’s mind. In most cases, the best option for a newbie is our full-spectrum CBD Oil. In our experience, this is the optimal method of supplementing CBD every day.

If you are especially sensitive to taste or want an edible method of taking CBD, you can try out our CBD Capsules or popular CBD Gummies. These options eliminate the hemp taste for the user and ensure a quick, easy way of adding CBD to your diet.

For high-strength products, look to our 30% CBD Oil Superdose. Do note that CBD Oil cannot effectively be made beyond a 30% strength. Higher concentrations in oil form will solidify due to the high CBD content in the formula.

We also stock CBD Paste of various potent concentrations to pack each dose full of essential cannabinoids. Shea butter and beeswax help to create a natural, paste texture and is administered using a special syringe for precise dosing.

CBD Rescue Cream is our topical supplement option. This lotion is packed with various plant-derived ingredients including 250mg of Cannabidiol which is quickly absorbed through the skin once applied.

CBD is very permeable on human skin which is why we rate this method for direct use on muscles and joints. This cream is best used in combination with oral CBD drops.

Our range is fully inclusive, which means we haven’t forgotten about your canine and feline friends. Our specially formulated CBD Oil for Pets, blends salmon oil with CBD cannabinoids for your pet to enjoy as part of their diet. Even picky pets will be pleased by the salmon flavour we use to mask any scent of hemp!

Which strength should i choose?

We recommend starting with our 10% (1000mg) Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. This is referred to as our Starter Oil for all the obvious reasons.

This tincture is ideal for those who have never used CBD and those who may have dabbled in CBD supplementation previously. It is a great base to work from, and after trying this strength you will know whether you need to move up a level to our 20% option or not.

The only reason you should move up in strength is if you are taking a lot of drops / large doses of the 10% CBD option. If you find the bottle is running dry quickly, then it is more cost-effective to progress to the 20% option as you will get longer out of the bottle.

Here is an example:

The 10% CBD Oil dose is 5 drops per day to start and equals 25mg of CBD in one dose. If you think after some time that you need a higher dose and 50mg is working better for you daily, instead of taking 10 drops of 10%, switch to the 20% and take just 5 drops.

You can apply this example to all our oils! We list the CBD content in milligrams per drop on each product.

There are 200 drops in every 10ml bottle of CBD Oil. Reduce the number of doses you use by progressing to a more potent oil.

For Pets 

Pet Dosage – Guidance

  • Below 20kg: 2.5% Pet Oil – 6 drops per dose
  • Between 20 – 50kg: 5% Pet Oil – 4 drops per dose
  • Above 51kg: 10% Pet Oil – 3 drops per dose

Drops should be continuously administered for 4 to 6 weeks for best results.

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What is the Recommended Daily Dose?

A great guide and baseline for new CBD users is a 25mg dose per day.

For example, if you choose our 10% Starter Oil, 5 drops of this per day equals 25mg of CBD.

It is recommended to increase this dose by 1 drop weekly until you feel you have reached your ideal dose. Dosage varies from person to person, so stick to the guidance on the label to start and work from there.

We strongly advise maintaining a consistent dosage for the first 3 weeks of taking CBD. This means taking CBD drops every day to build a supply of cannabinoids up over time.

How to Give to Pets

Simply drop the dose into one of their main meals, morning or evening and mix in well.We like to add the dose to a treat too. This method works great with a dog biscuit!

A final option, a good one for finicky cats is to drop the oil onto your finger and massage into the underside of one paw. The skin on an animals paw pad works well to absorb CBD oil as this cannabinoid is highly permeable on skin.

Do You Offer Free Samples?

Yes, we do! Our free samples come with no hidden costs, the sample is free, and the shipping is free!

Why are we willing to give away free products? We are so convinced that you will love our CBD Oil formula that we are prepared to give it away at zero cost for new customers.

We offer new customers 3 options in our sample range – CBD 10%, CBG 10% and CBD 5% for Pets.

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