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3 Ways CBD Oil Can Help Your Sleep

By November 2, 2018CBD Benefits
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If you are struggling with sleep disorders throughout the night or finding it hard to sleep all night long, you’re not alone. An Irish-based survey by Laya Healthcare revealed that nearly 80% of the population in Ireland suffers from sleep deprivation. Needless to say, pharmaceutical sedatives and excess usage of medicines can impact your mental and physical state as they are known to have several side-effects. CBD Oil has the potential to help your sleeping problems and take you back to a more balanced state as they have anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties.


Sleepless Nights Can Lead To Dire Consequences!

As obvious as it sounds getting a goods night sleep is hugely beneficial to our health and wellbeing. This may seem obvious however lack of sleep or insomnia can lead to some severe health issues. These include loss of weight, energy, and concentration, irrational mood-swings, rude attitude and behaviour, change in hormones, low motivation-level, dizziness, daytime drowsiness and more.


What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil comes from the Cannabis species hemp. The hemp plant is rich in the cannabinoid CBD, unlike the marijuana plant which has an abundance of THC (psychoactive cannabinoid found in weed). CBD is not the only important cannabinoid contained within the oil, but it is the most prominent. 130 cannabinoids are found within the hemp plant, and the better the oil is usually based on whether all the cannabinoids are working in synergy with each other. So when purchasing CBD Oil make sure the oil is full spectrum and not just isolated cannabinoids.

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How Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

  1. CBD helps regulate dopamine levels in your blood

CBD, being a natural product has little to no side effects as compared to risky pharmaceutical sedatives, making it one of the most effective health supplements for improving your overall health. CBD-based products can influence the dopamine levels in our blood, which generally result in better and more relaxed sleep. This will ultimately reduce, and eventually wave off the problem of sleep disorders and get you back into your routine.


  1. CBD Oil helps calm the mind

One of the main reasons people take CBD is to provide a subtle calming effect of the mind. Allowing yourself to free the mind of negative thoughts in the night time can go along way in helping you get a good night sleep.


  1. CBD Oil helps to rebalance the endocannabinoid system.

Another way CBD can help you sleep is by rebalancing your endocannabinoid system. When your endocannabinoid system is deficient, this may have adverse effects on your mental and physical body. By rebalancing your endocannabinoid system, this may help in getting you the good night sleep that you crave.


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