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CBD Oil for Pre and Post Workout

By March 25, 2019CBD Benefits
CBD Oil for Pre & Post Workout

There is no denying that CBD is a revolutionary supplement in the area of health and wellbeing. Its emergence over the last few years has been truly mesmerising. I recently published a blog titled ‘How CBD can boost athletic performance’ which was very popular with our readers.  For this reason, I felt compelled to write another blog about taking CBD for pre and post-workout.

Before we go any further a little summary of CBD Oil; CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in high concentrations in the hemp plant. Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis genus in the same way that marijuana is.

Unlike THC, (psychoactive cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant) CBD doesn’t get you high. So don’t worry about taking CBD before a big workout ‘you will not get high’. In fact, CBD will increase your energy and focus.

CBD can be used for pre and post-workout regimens to aid with recovery and increase energy and focus. Whether you are on your way to getting healthier than before or trying to gain some muscle mass, CBD can play an integral role in gearing up your health and fitness game.


CBD as a Pre-Workout Supplement

When pain and soreness hit you hard due to invigorating workouts sessions you are likely to face trouble getting back to normal. CBD can help fix pain and soreness problems during your workouts if the right dosage of CBD is consumed, ideally prescribed by your doctor or recommended by your fitness trainer. If you are looking to take CBD for pain-related issues make sure you are taking a high strength oil, minimum being the 10% CBD Oil.

CBD as a pre-workout supplement can provide pain relief by lowering sensitivity to muscle pain. Apart from that its anti-depressant and anti-stress aspects can improve your workout motivation-level, increase your energy and creativity, and develop a positive attitude towards living a healthy life. See how CBD can help during meditation.


CBD as a Post Workout Supplement

Being one of the most widely used and most trusted post-work supplement, CBD can make a lot of difference in restoring your bodies health. It has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-muscle soreness, and appetite-stimulating effects. All combined they can help with your recovery, mentally and physically after challenging workout. Besides consuming CBD for muscle recovery, rest is fundamentally important if you expect muscle recovery and muscle building to be fast.


How to Take to Maximise Results

To maximize results take a dose of full-spectrum CBD about 30 minutes before your work-out. This should allow enough time for the CBD to absorb into your body. You will notice an increase in energy and a calming of the mind after a few minutes.

To maximize the anti-inflammatory effects CBD must be taken daily and allowed to build up in your system. When the CBD has sufficiently stabilized in the body, this will optimize the body’s ability to tackle pain and inflammation.

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