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What CBD Oil Product has the Fastest Absorption Rate?

By October 9, 2018CBD Quality
CBD Oil Ireland

Whether you are an experienced CBD user, or new to the world of Cannabis, understanding the bioavailability of CBD is not an easy job. However, understanding different forms of CBD products and their consumption pattern, its absorption rates and its post-usage effects are essential.

The bioavailability of cannabinoids is influenced by a wide continuum of factors. Such as how they interact with the body receptors CB1 and CB2, and other non-cannabinoid receptors such as vanilloid and serotonin. These, in turn, influence your brain and nervous system to elicit healing, and balancing effects, including the methods through which the cannabis is taken or consumed.

CBD ‘Bioavailability’ What Does This Mean?

With reference to CBD, bioavailability is the rate at which CBD (when introduced to the body) gets absorbed into the bloodstream, ultimately leading to an active effect. CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant comes in various forms such as tinctures (drops), balms, capsules, and e-liquid for vapes and more. Each CBD-based product comes in multiple concentrations of CBD, and has a different usage method, making it clear that CBD absorption rates per cannabis product vary from one form to another.

CBD Absorption Rates per CBD Product

CBD Oil Dropper & CBD Capsules6

Generally, tinctures and capsules are believed to reach the endocannabinoid system seamlessly,

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ultimately increasing the chances of CBD absorption by the digestive system. However, a wide majority of clinical researchers are of an opinion that “not all CBD consumed orally actually reaches the endocannabinoid system. Only a percentage of CBD consumed actually passes through, and into the bloodstream.”

However, a well-measured dosage can help you meet the therapeutic targets. It is important to know that CBD capsules probably take the longest time to digest completely in your digestive system, signifying that they may not provide you with the full benefits. Tinctures, on the other hand, have a quick absorption rate once the oil is put under the tongue and left to absorb for a minute or two. If tinctures are swallowed straight, it would be less effective and have the same effect as the capsules.

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CBD Vaping

CBD Inhalation via vapes is becoming a new trend that is gaining momentum and popularity all across the globe. It is believed to offer the fastest absorption and allows more CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Those who suffer from migraine issues have noted that CBD inhalation via vapes has proven to be quite effective. The CBD passes through the lungs into the bloodstream. This allows the CBD to reach the brain seamlessly to stop a migraine in its tracks.

CBD Balm/Salve

CBD salve/balm when applied on the skin or body, can never reach the bloodstream directly, rather it gets absorbed via the skin’s surface, which indirectly interacts with the cannabinoids receptors nearby. This is why CBD balms are good for targeting specific areas that may suffer from inflammation and chronic pain.

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Bottom line: This indicates that absorption, bioavailability, and CBD-quality are all factors that must be considered prior to purchase a CBD product. The fastest absorption certainly comes from CBD vaping and CBD drops. You can learn more about CBD products and administration methods by consulting Dr Hemp Me.


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