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CBD E-Liquid, How To Find The Best Brand

By December 5, 2018CBD Quality
CBD Oil Ireland

Whether you are an old-school CBD (Cannabidiol) user or anticipating to try CBD for the first time, with so many choices of CBD products available, it is easy to get confused. CBD via oils? Paste? Balms? Capsules? Tinctures? Gum? Vapes?—Ahh! Vape sounds interesting, right? It’s kinda trendy!

The use of CBD via vapes is getting more and more common. The soaring popularity of CBD E-liquids is because young people from all across the globe, have started to embrace the CBD movement. Besides ameliorating your social standing and giving you an edge to look and feel different, CBD E-liquids provide a healthier alternative to nicotine e-liquid. Importantly CBD has non-psychoactive properties, with minimal .2% or no traces of THC. THC is a chemical compound in Cannabis that has mind-altering effects or in other words, makes you high.

CBD or any cannabinoid found in Cannabis is a controversial topic especially in Ireland, as the HPRA does not recognize Cannabis as having any medicinal value. Therefore any claims made in this article have not been reviewed by any governmental agency including the HPRA.


CBD E-liquids For Vaping

Vaping has transformed and turned into an addiction since some of the E-liquids are known to contain Nicotine. However, there is a wide continuum of nicotine-free CBD-rich E-liquids which includes Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD Vape-Oil. Although vaping CBD can be beneficial it is certainly not as effective as taking full spectrum CBD oil from a dropper as most CBD vape oils are produced from CBD Isolates. This means you are only getting the benefit of one cannabinoid and not the benefit of all the other cannabinoids in hemp, which works in synergy together. See or CBD FAQ for more information on the ‘entourage effect’. However, CBD in e-liquids for vapes is still one of the most effective ways to take CBD as it has the fastest absorption rate.


CBD Vape IRELAND Dr. Hemp Me 300mg

Dr. Hemp Me Vape Oil CBD 300mg – €32.95

Checks to make before purchasing CBD Vape-Oil

When it comes to buying CBD-rich E-liquids for vapes, just make sure that the product you are buying is responsibly sourced and made available in the market, from seed to shelf with highest quality standards. Also, make sure that the product is free from residual solvents, pesticides, microbiological contamination, and other diluted metals—none of which you will want to be inhaling. It is important to buy CBD E-liquids from an authentic CBD brand, which is likely to lower your concerns about the purity, and genuineness of the product. Be sure to ask the supplier for the lab test results for every CBD product that you are buying. A good sign that the quality of the product is poor is if the supplier refuses to provide the lab tests. For further information on how to source the highest quality, CBD Oil click on this link.

CBD Vape Oil Dr Hemp Me 100mg

Dr. Hemp Me Vape Oil CBD 100mg – €14.95

How is the CBD Made?

How CBD is extracted from the hemp plant is extremely important when determining the quality of the finished product. The cheaper the extraction method usually means the cheaper the product, which in turn means a low quality of CBD vape oil. Be sure to check the extraction method with the supplier.

If it is not made clear on the website make sure you contact the supplier to find out. This is extremely important. For example, the solvent extraction method, alcohol, and chlorophyll can be left behind in the CBD extract and the alcohol, which badly affects the taste of the extract.

The best extraction method to use is supercritical CO2 and all Dr. Hemp Me products are extracted this way. Importantly, this method ensures highly potent and pure extracts in an eco-friendly setting. Read more about CBD extraction methods by clicking here.


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The bold claims of medical and health benefits resulting from the use of our products made by Dr. Hemp Me are not guaranteed. Any statements made have not been evaluated by any national regulatory agency.

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