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How to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil

By August 29, 2018CBD Quality
How to find high-quality CBD

Cannabis CBD oil consumption is the new craze in the dietary supplement industry; all thanks to the benefits it offers. Finding a suitable yet productive high-quality cannabis oil may be hard, but not impossible. Here’s what you need to know about finding a suitable CBD oil, primarily known as Cannabis oil.

Unarguably, Cannabis oil is an amazing and versatile dietary supplement that is now widely used by people of all ages for their unique healthcare needs. The demand for cannabinoid-based healthcare solutions has significantly increased over the past couple of years due to its many health benefits. However, in keeping with the HPRA who does not recognise Cannabis Oil as having any medicinal value we are unable to highlight its medicinal effects. However, we can advise on how to find high-quality Cannabis Oil.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, commonly called CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, a variety of the Cannabis genus. Although CBD comes from the Cannabis family, marijuana and hemp are different varieties of the Cannabis species. Hemp contains a high amount of CBD and low amounts of THC. Whereas marijuana strains contain high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. CBD doesn’t get you high, unlike THC, which is more commonly found in marijuana.

At Dr. Hemp Me we use hemp and not marijuana in our products. This ensures the product is safe to use (meaning you will not get high) and is legal to sell in Ireland and many countries in Europe. CBD has now been removed by the world anti-doping agency from its list of banned substances as CBD-enriched products can provide instant pain relief to sports athletes.

With countless Cannabis CBD oil brands on the market these days, it has become quite challenging to find authentic CBD-based healthcare products. Since most orders are placed online, unscrupulous con-artists are always trying to rip off customers by using different sneaky tactics that are hard to identify.

How to Identify High-Quality Cannabis CBD Oil

How is the CBD Oil sourced?

The quality of Cannabis oil is primarily dependent on the hemp plant species that is used, and how it is sourced. The theory is simple, high-quality Cannabis species of hemp plant will get you high-quality CBD oil and vice versa. The ground on which these species of the hemp plant are cultivated and framed absorb the properties of the physical environment that either result in high-quality CBD oil or inferior quality CBD. So, you need to dig into where the CBD oil brand sources their hemp from. You can find this information on your retailer’s website. If not, then ask the supplier where their farms are they located. Dr. Hemp Me CBD oil is grown in farms located in Ireland and within the EU.

How is high-quality Cannabis Oil made?

How the Hemp plant is extracted and the way they are picked and transported to the controlled CBD production facility also plays a predominant role in determining the outcome of CBD oil quality. Some CBD oil brands that sell their products at incredibly low prices, may use cheap hemp oil extraction methods, but they can never serve the actual purpose. In order to obtain a high-quality Cannabis CBD oil, make sure to obtain products that are produced via CO2 extraction method as it ensures highly potent and pure extracts in an eco-friendly setting. So, before you purchase CBD Cannabis oil products, research about vendor’s extraction method(s). Read more about CBD extraction methods.

Lab Test Results

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the substance responsible for giving a psychoactive effect on the body. All CBD oil producing suppliers in Ireland and the EU must follow a strict pharmaceutical grade testing process. High-quality Cannabis oil should contain less than 0.02% of THC. So, make sure you check the lab test results for each Cannabis product to make sure it does not contain more than 0.2% of THC.

Another reason for checking the lab test results is to make sure that the oil you are buying contains the correct amount of CBD and also contains all the other cannabinoids that are necessary to make a high-quality Cannabis Oil. Click here to find out more about Dr. Hemp Me lab test results.

Check for “Full Spectrum” on the CBD product label

Well, full spectrum label ensures that the CBD oil contains primary and secondary constitutes of the hemp plant, not just CBD. Why is this important? Although CBD is the most prominent cannabinoid it is not the only one found in the oil. Studies have shown that the oil works best when all the cannabinoids work in synergy together in what is called the ‘entourage effect’.

So, prior to buying CBD Cannabis oil products, check the labels on the product, to see whether full-spectrum is written there or not. You can also check the lab test results to see if other cannabinoids are contained in the oil. Dr. Hemp Me Cannabis oil includes CBDV, CBDa, CBG, CBN, CBC, >0.20% THC & naturally occurring Terpenoids.


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Dr. Hemp Me do not make any claims of medical or health benefits resulting from the use of our products. Any statements made have not been evaluated by any national regulatory agency.

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