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How Hemp can Save the World!

By September 25, 2018CBD Stories
How Hemp Can Save the World

We have become a society that runs on fossil fuel. From our industrial activities to transport we require petrol and diesel to function. In the last few decades, our consumption of fossil fuel has gone up at an alarming rate. 

All these processes that run on fossil fuel release gasses like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Over time the build-up of these gasses has resulted in them forming a blanket around the planet. Like all good blankets, this one has kept us warm. By trapping the heat from the sun and keeping it in our atmosphere this blanket of gasses has started to raise the temperature of the earth. Yes, Global Warming is real and it is causing significant climate change. For anyone that listened to David Attenborough’s passionate speech to the UN at the annual climate summit in December will understand that action needs to be taken now if we want to save the world for future generations.

“Right now we’re facing a man-made disaster of global scale, our greatest threat in thousands of years: climate change,” David Attenborough 2018

How Can Hemp Fight Global Warming?

A second factor that adds to our Climate Change woes is the widespread destruction of forests. The trees that could have absorbed the excess CO2 and helped regulate global temperatures are being chopped down. The main reason for this is to make paper and other products as well as to clear the way for more development. This includes farming due to an ever-increasing worldwide population.

To solve this problem we need to use fewer fossil fuels and grow more trees. Interestingly hemp can help with both.

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How can hemp help?

Hemp is a plant that belongs to the Cannabis genus but unlike marijuana does not make you high. Hemp is a sturdy plant that can grow well in different soil types and does not need a lot of water or fertilizer. Even small patches of hemp have been found to reduce atmospheric CO2 considerably.

Drought-affected areas can be turned into hemp cultivations which help improve the soil and provide a source of livelihood for people in those areas.

Hemp is useful in several ways, all of which help reduce the impact of global warming. These include:

  • Hemp can absorb large amounts of atmospheric CO2.
  • Hemp has strong fibres and can be used to make paper and other products that trees are usually cut down for. In this way, larger trees can be conserved.
  • Hemp seed oil can be used as a good alternative to fossil fuel. Biodiesel that is produced from hemp is a green fuel that does not release as much carbon dioxide into the surroundings resulting in lower levels all around.
  • Planting hemp has been found to detoxify the soil making it fit to plant other types of trees and crops.

It is clear that hemp can lead a green revolution against climate change and help to save the planet.

What’s the rush?

The rush is that we are running out of time. While global warming has been taking place naturally over the millennia, it has increased exponentially in the last few decades. At this phenomenal rate, the impact on the planet is devastating. Polar ice that has been frozen for millions of years is starting to melt both rising sea levels and changing water temperatures.

Sea life and coastal areas are already starting to feel the effects of climate change and if we don’t act fast, we will all soon fall victim.

It is hard to imagine that this plant was once illegal to grow and sell and now it is being marketed not only for its health benefits but also its impact on our carbon footprint. Will hemp be our savour?


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