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About Dr. Hemp Me

Here at Dr. Hemp Me, we’re firm believers that no two CBD oils are ever the same – in fact, our line of CBD oils and CBD products is entirely regulated by the Cannabis Trade Association, ranking us as only one of two companies in Ireland with tested, trusted, and proven CBD products for our customers to enjoy.
For us, nothing is more important than breathing new life into the emerging CBD marketplace, and we’re focused on ensuring that the quality of our products, from our signature CBD Oil, to our CBD capsules and CBD Gummies remain top-tier both in terms of potency and delivery.
Located in Ireland’s largest city, Dr. Hemp Me is comprised of a passionate team of CBD experts and researchers who have worked tirelessly to determine the most effective oil extraction methods for our premium CBD oil. In addition, we endlessly test, analyse, and refine our products through rigorous testing to ensure that we not only meet the highest standards of quality and safety but that we exceed them too and bring useful products to the table for our wide range of customers.

For us – this is how we do CBD.

Our Story

Dr. Hemp Me was founded by Brian Cusack, a former corporate banker who recognised just how important this new wave of CBD products is to the development of alternative health remedies. With a drive to start his own business, Brian took charge and looked to become a pioneer in this new and emerging industry. With the drive to show his closest friends and family, as well as others throughout Ireland just how much of a positive impact CBD had made on his own life, he set out to launch Dr. Hemp Me.

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Our experience

Recognising that the Irish CBD industry is still an unregulated industry, Brian sought to legitimise Dr. Hemp Me, and the CBD industry as a whole by offering safe, potent, and most importantly, effective CBD products. We want CBD users to experience Cannabidiol as part of their every day diet just like other complimentary food supplements. Our CBD oils and products are full of natural hemp nutrients like Omega 3’s, complex B vitamins and are also a source of iron. 

Dr. Hemp Me was recognised by the Cannabis Trade Association in Europe for it’s highly potent and effective products, as well as the unique extraction methods that allow them to bring safe CBD products to the market.In the years since our launch, we’ve gone on to further develop our product line to bring new and exciting CBD products to the market. With everything from CBD Oils and capsules, to CBD pet products and hemp cream, Dr. Hemp Me is here to allow you to experience CBD on your own terms.

After all – that’s why we’re called, Dr. Hemp Me.

Our Mission

At Dr. Hemp Me, our mission is simple – we’re focused on bringing the strongest and CBD products available to Ireland and the UK through tested and proven extraction methods that yield a safe, and potent product that our customers can enjoy and use throughout their daily lives


Our Vision

We like to envision a world where CBD oil and CBD products are regulated, safe for consumption, and widely accessible so that people from all over the world can share their experiences and talk openly about CBD and the market of alternative health remedies.

My Rewards