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You can start submitting guest posts to us now as we are open to accepting posts from writers and other affiliated brands. However, we only accept insightful guest posts with high-quality content that will be beneficial to our readers and compliments our brand image

So if you want to connect and partner with one of the most popular CBD websites in Ireland, then this is just the perfect opportunity for you!

Guidelines for Guest Posts

Of course, we are a professional website, and as such, our posts must maintain our level of professionalism and top-notch standard.

To get your guest post approved and featured on our website, it has to be up to our professional standards, see guidelines below;

  • Your post must be about or related specifically to CBD Oil. (Our website does not accept guest posts that are about high THC cannabis or medical marijuana)
  • Your post must not be less than 1000 words!
  • We do not allow any medical benefits in the posts, especially those that have not been medically verified.
  • We do favour guest posts that relate to the legality of CBD oil around the world.
  • It is best advised to make use of illustrations, screenshots, photos, etc. to aid an engaging, well round and easily comprehendible article.
  • Submitting your posts to us entails that you have granted us editing rights for said posts if necessary.
  • Our website policy does not accept backlinks to product and/or affiliate pages.
  • All guest post submissions must be 100% Unique! We check every post submitted to our site for plagiarism and content spinning.
  • Your post must follow the structure of paragraphs, headlines, and subtitles. (We also accept H2 and H3 tags for the headlines and subtitles as this standard for Search Engine Optimized posts).

We receive quite a large number of inquiries; therefore, we will only be able to reply to the articles that have caught our interest and matched the standards that are laid out above. So to avoid rejections, please ensure that you follow these principles and keep an open line of communication always.

To get a feel of the kind of articles we want as guest posts on our website, you can check out our article on “the legality of CBD oil in the UK” and other articles on our websites that push CBD culture to all our readers.

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    Dr. Hemp Me was founded by Brian Cusack, a former corporate banker who recognized just how important this new wave of CBD products is to the development of alternative health remedies. With the drive to show his closest friends and family, as well as others throughout Europe just how much of a positive impact CBD had made on his own life, he set out to launch Dr. Hemp Me.

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