June 22, 2019

How to Make CBD Oil at Home

By Brian Cusack

Today, we will discuss how anyone can make CBD oil at home. Yes, you read it right, it is possible to do so. If you're willing to do the same, make sure to read the article till the end. First I must say please do not attempt to make CBD oil if it is illegal to do so in your country, This article is for educational purposes only.

cannabidiol at home

Preparing CBD Oil at Home

Have you ever wondered how you can make Full Spectrum CBD oil at home with the help of just a few things? If not, maybe you are not on the same or you are not that creative. Just Kidding. If you have thought about this idea, you are gonna thank me after you read this post. Trust me, if you are not new to the herb and vaping community, you are gonna love this post.

Making CBD oil at home is not a big deal. All you need to have is proper knowledge about the steps to be followed and have to keep an eye on what you are doing. What matters most is your choice. You on your own have to choose the plant which you will be used to extract the CBD oil. Also, you have to choose the oil of your choice. None other than that, you just have to follow the steps in the right manner and you are good to go.

Making Cannabidiol in the home

Basically, there are two different methods using which you can prepare CBD oil at home. I have discussed both of them in this article. All you need to do is to make your choice and just follow the step-by-step instructions which I have provided. Literally saying, you'll start loving me by the end of this post. So, without any further talks, let's jump to the first method.

CBD oil from hemp

1. CO2 Method

Ingredients You Need

  • · Hemp plant flower
  • · Oil of your choice
  • · Double boiler
  • · Baking sheet
  • · Herb grinder or knife
  • · Cheesecloth or coffee filter,
  • · Closed glass jar

Instructions to follow

1. Choose Your Oil:

Initially, you have to choose an oil to use. You can literally choose any oil according to availability. Hemp Seed oil, Coconut oil and olive oil are the major picks, as they have decent taste and are likely available everywhere.

2. Prepare Your Hemp:

In this step, you have to grind the hemp plant/flower you have chosen. You can make use of a grinder in order to get the best results, but make sure to chop those flowers with a knife. You have to make small pieces in order to extract more CBD oil from the flower.

Hemp growing

3. Decarboxylate The Hemp:

In order to transform the cannabidiol into its active form, you have to decarboxylate the hemp flower. Industries generally make use of high-end CO2 tools to do so. But you can do the same by just spreading the finely ground hemp flower on a baking sheet and baking it for an hour at 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Add Oil and Heat:

Now, you have to add oil to your decarboxylate hemp flower and heat it up in the boiler, in order to start extraction. Make sure to do this process on a lower heat setting with some water in the double boiler.

Continue this process for about 2-3 hours and make sure to stir and check the colour time-to-time. If the oil has turned into brownish-green colour, you can proceed to the next step.

5. Strain the CBD Oil:

Make use of cheesecloth and pour the mixture in a container. Make sure to squeeze as much as possible to extract more oil. Store the CBD oil in a cool, dry place in order to main its longevity.

The Bottom Line

Once you have successfully followed the above instructions, you are ready to use your home-made CBD oil. For ease of access, transfer some oil into a dropper and add some lotion for topical treatment. Now, you are ready to go with your home-made CBD oil.

2. Alcohol Cannabidiol Method

Apart from that, there is the other method using which you can make CBD oil at home. This method is known as the Alcohol method or the ethanol method. We have to make use of ethanol alcohol in this method, so as its name. This method is also a very simpler method to make CBD oil at home, which does not require any special skills or high-end equipment. All you need is ethanol, and you are ready to go for it. The Alcohol method is also a good choice for beginners to make CBD oil at home.

Cannabis at home

Instructions To Follow:

1. Take the hemp plant and grind it well using a good grinder. Get the finely ground particles of hemp flower in a glass bowl and let it rest for a few minutes. Later, cover the fine particles with ethanol alcohol and stir it with a glass stir for about 5-6 minutes.

2. Making use of a sieve or a straining bag, filter the hemp particles from the container and squeeze it as much as possible. You can also repeat this process, it seems like more oil can be extracted from the solvent.

3. In the next step, pour the extracted oil in a double boiler and heat it. Continue the heating process until bubbles start coming out. Still, continue the heating process until all the alcohol evaporates. Make sure you don't raise the temperature anymore.

4. For about 30 minutes, keep stirring the double boiler at low flame until the alcohol evaporates completely. When the alcohol is completely evaporated, mix it well.

5. Your CBD oil is ready now. You can use it however you want. Transfer the oil into a storage container and make sure to have an air-tight lid in order to avoid damage in quality.

Co2 extraction of Cannabidiol


Once you have successfully followed the above instructions, you are ready to use your home-made CBD oil. For ease of access, transfer some oil into a dropper and add some lotion for topical treatment. However, always use the minimum quantity until you determine the suitable dosage.

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