August 14, 2019

CBD Oil to Become Prescription Only in Belgium!

By Brian Cusack

Amid a lot of confusion around the authenticity of CBD oil in Belgium, pharmacists can now sell cannabidiol products and cannabis oil legally based on prescriptions from the doctor. The new regulations around cannabidiol usage focus on providing authentic and safe products to the consumers.

Cannabis in Belgium

What does this mean to sellers and buyers of CBD? Various aspects of this move mean a lot to the stakeholders.

Undeniably, non-pharmaceutical companies in Belgium selling cannabidiol products as food supplements will be impacted. Moreover, it will be tougher for the consumer to buy from an authorized pharmacist, as every consumer now needs a prescription to buy CBD products. Notably, online sellers and retailers were known for their convenience and ease of access.

Pharmacies in Belgium

Impact on CBD Retailers and Online Stores

After the recent change in the CBD regulation in Belgium, pharmacists can now sell Cannabis-infused products. However, they can only sell to patients who have an authorized doctor's prescription. Pharmacists can supply CBD, which contains THC once the patient does not exceed one milligram of THC per kilogram of body weight per day. The pharmacist must also be wary of side effects,

Legally, pharmaceutical products should be licensed and approved before launching in the market. However, it is not the same with online sellers and retail stores that sell CBD oil as currently there are no restrictions on the sale of unregulated CBD.

It is still too early to tell how much this change will affect online sellers of CBD oil.

Many customers will see having to get a prescription to avail of Cannabidiol as a barrier to entry and will therefore still buy their oil from online stores.

Ease of access is still advantageous once you are buying the oil from a trusted source.

How will this affect Cannabidiol Consumers

Technically, CBD is legal in the European Union as long as the THC levels are less than 0.2%. CBD users can buy from online sellers and retail stores without any complications.

From now on, consumers in Belgium will have to go through stringent rules to buy CBD infused products. This is because consumers are now forced to submit a doctor's prescription to buy CBD products which were freely available for sale before.

Procuring a prescription from an authorized doctor may not be so easy for someone who is healthy but still wants to consume CBD oil for its health benefits.

On the other hand, consumers can now purchase confidently as the move regulates the CBD oil available in the market.

Although it may be tougher to buy CBD from retailers in Belgium, consumers can still buy CBD products from online stores outside of Belgium. With a little bit of research, it is easy to find high-quality CBD online.

Belgian Drug Law

As per Belgian drug law, it's evident that any extract that is derived from cannabis is illegal. As CBD is extracted from cannabis, it is also unlawful to sell, procure or use as it also contains trace amounts THC.

Sale of cannabis or extracts can lead you to a jail term of up to 5 years. Further fines for the same ranges from €1,000 to €100,000.

However, in 2003, possession of cannabis products (up to 3 grams) was decriminalized by the law.

In 2015, a royal decree was issued to allow clinical tests that include cannabis. Further, the decree made it clear that the tests that include cannabis can be conducted only by university doctors or a doctor associated with a recognized pain clinic. Likewise, industrial hemp is legal in Belgium provided the THC level is less than 0.2%.

A New Future for CBD in Belgium

To summarize, this change in the CBD regulation in Belgium is a notable milestone in the history of Cannabidiol. The impact of this change in CBD regulation in Belgium varies from buyers to sellers.

To some extent, it may provide comfort to the buyers who have severe medical conditions, as they can procure a prescription from their doctor. At the same time, people who want to consume CBD for pain relief and other minor conditions may not be able to buy CBD so easily.

At the same time, it is clear that CBD oil regulation became more stringent than it was. That way, it provides the confidence to the buyers who worry about the legality and authenticity.

To conclude, this is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey of CBD industry. Some productive and constructive changes are critical now to create a better market place for CBD buyers and sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is CBD oil legal in Belgium

CBD oil is legal in Belgium but only when prescribed by a doctor and bought from a pharmacy. This means CBD is illegal to sell as a food supplement.

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