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CBD Starter Packs



Over recent years the popularity of CBD oil has exploded due to wider availability of products.

CBD food supplements are no longer restricted to physical shops but have expanded to thousands of online eCommerce brands. This has helped many customers experience the benefits of CBD, when in the past they may not have known where to buy from.

What CBD Oil Products Can I Buy?

There is a wide spectrum of CBD products available for potential customers to try. Other than hemp oil or CBD oil options include CBD Gummies, Creams, Capsules, Vape Juice and CBD Paste.

Because of this surge in new products, Dr. Hemp Me are offering customers CBD Starter Packs as an introduction to the CBD world.

These packs combine different strength oils with a variety of other Hemp based products so that customers can discover for themselves which method of consumption and which concentration they prefer.

Can I Use CBD Oil & CBD Cream at the Same Time?

Yes you can. Another reason for the creation of Dr. Hemp Me Starter Packs is the enhanced effectiveness of combined CBD products.

Supplementing the body from both the inside using CBD drops and from the outside using CBD cream is a safe and effective way of using CBD products.

With Dr. Hemp Me, customers will have the choice of four different starter packs. The choice depends on where they are on their CBD journey and also what tolerance levels they may to Cannabidiol.

Another factor to consider is how people prefer to consume Cannabidiol. No matter what your reasons are Dr. Hemp Me is sure to have a choice that is ideal for you.

Dr. Hemp Me Starter Pack Bundles

Bronze: 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

Silver: 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

Gold: 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Muscle & Joint Cream, CBD Gummies

Platinum: 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Joint & Muscle Cream, CBD Gummies, CBD Capsules

As you can see the oil choices range from 5-30% Full Spectrum concentrations, so you’ll have a choice no matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned CBD user.

If you don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oils then Capsules or Gummies may be the way to go. Our Gummies come in a mix of fruity flavours while the capsules have no flavour at all. These are also very convenient for daily or on-the-go use.

Of course not all CBD products are for oral use, and this is where the CBD Joint & Muscle cream comes into play. When used externally in cream form, a customer’s endocannabinoid skin receptors will be targeted.

No matter your CBD needs, Dr. Hemp will have the option to suit your individual needs.

What Should You Not Mix CBD With?

If you are taking CBD supplements along with prescription medication then it is advised to leave a two hour window between them.

This means you should take your CBD supplement for example in the morning and two hours later (or more) take your medication. The order of course can be changed to suit individuals.

If you want to try out CBD and add it to your diet but are unsure about taking it alongside medicine then it is best to first consult your doctor.

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