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Bath bombs are a delight to use. They add a sweet fragrance, colour, and therapeutic effects to your bathwater, making bath time a memorable and relaxing experience. The introduction and use of CBD oil brought in a whole new wave to bath bomb production, towards a more benefitting direction.

CBD infused bath bombs provide an alternative approach to enjoying the therapeutic and cosmetic benefits of CBD in a streamlined manner. As is evident with our Sleep, De-stress and Relief bath bombs, each directed towards a need, Dr. Hemp Me is a pioneer manufacturer and distributor of therapeutic innovation in Ireland and the rest of Europe.

All our bath bombs are put through a quality and stability test to assure 100% effectiveness in whichever you are getting.

Introducing Ireland’s 100% Natural CBD Bath Bombs

All our bath bombs are handmade in a clean environment, with 100% natural essential oil blends, C02 extracted CBD oil, and are free of artificial colours or preservatives. Additionally, all ingredients are carefully sourced from certified organic farms. This is to ensure that our customers enjoy a healthy bathe without risk of absorbing harmful chemicals.

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Hemp Bath Bomb

How To Use Dr. Hemp Me Bath Bombs

Run your bathwater to the desired temperature, hop in, and drop your bath bomb. It will fizz slowly, until it is all dissolved, releasing the ingredients into the water and filling the air with the aroma of the essential oils. Also, the bathwater will adopt the colour of the bath bomb in use.

For maximum absorption, stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes.

For information on our CBD infused bath bombs please visit our blog.

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Relief, Sleep, De-Stress

3 reviews for CBD Bath Bombs

  1. Catherine Halley

    One of my favourite activities to do after a stressful day is to take a bath and now I can add CBD to it. Wonderful idea and product.

  2. Christine Mc

    Although a little pricey to be using every day I did find the de stress bomb very nice to use after a long day. Hopefully a sale on these soon.

  3. Jenny Fitzpatrick

    What a way to relax. Absolutely love this product. Not only is it relaxing the smell is also a beautiful aroma. Will be trying the other two flavours on the next order. Excellent customer service and delivery time.

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