CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

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The big question is can you give CBD oil to your dog or cat? Yes, you can certainly give CBD to your pets. All animals have an endocannabinoid system just like humans and can therefore also enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD oil for dogs and cats comes in three strengths 2.5%, 5% & 10% to ensure all pet sizes are covered.

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CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs & Cats

For best results, CBD oil should be administered through a dropper into your pet’s mouth or by adding it to your pet’s food. Here are some directions below

  • Below 20 kilos: 2.5% Pet Oil – 4 drops per dose
  • Between 20 – 50 kilos 5% Pet Oil – 4 drops per dose
  • Above 51 Kilos. 10% Pet Oil – 4 drops per dose
  • Drops should be continuously administered for 4 to 6 weeks for best result and proper wellness of your Pet
CBD Oil Dosage Calculator
1Size of the CBD oil bottle in milliliters
Most bottles are either 15ml or 30ml; 1 ounce=30ml
1 ml
2Total milligrams of CBD are in the bottle *
3Your desired dosage of CBD in milligrams *
4 The number of drops in a milliliter using your dropper
A standard dropper produces 20 drops per milliliter but dropper sizes can differ. Enter another value here for drops/ml if your dropper is different
See below for the number of drops in the bottle, mg of CBD in each drop and number of drops needed for desired dose based on your inputs above
serving size in milliliters (ml) to achieve desired dosage you entered above
Total number of drops in the CBD oil bottle
Milligrams of CBD in each drop
dose in drops to achieve desired dosage you entered above

Side Effects of Cannabidiol for Dogs & Cats

So far, there is no research that shows any adverse side effects for dogs taking CBD products. However, some rare cases of tiredness and lethargy have been reported among some users. These side effects are inconsequential and are quickly eliminated either with time or dosage reduction.

For dogs and cats, we now know that CBD oil is all-natural, safe, and toxic-free. However, we still advise that you keep a keen eye on your pet during the introductory stages of CBD for Pets.

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2.5%, 5%, 10%

6 reviews for CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

  1. Felicite Byrne

    I bought this hemp oil for my jack russel about 2 weeks ago after a recommendation from my friend. I was honestly skeptical about CBD and Cannabis as a hole. Theirs seems to be so much bullshit written online about the amazing affects. I am not skeptical anymore the difference is night and day. Could not recommend it more. I just bought the 10% CBD for myself.

  2. James Murray

    I tried this oil on my pet and it worked for some time however the affects didn’t last. My dog is a great dane so not the normal size of a pet. I am trying the 5% now instead and its working great. Thank you again.

  3. Joe Fitzegerald

    My dog absolutely loves this oil. Very pleased with the current results.

  4. Jayme Sullivan

    Wasn’t expecting much as it is the cheapest oil but I guess pets are a lot smaller than humans. Very pleased with the affects. No complaints and either those Charlie.

  5. Clodagh F

    Have been given this CBD oil to my elderly cat and can really see a difference in her. Delighted with this product would buy again.

  6. Ellen

    I saw online that CBD oil could help my dog and so far am really impressed with the improvement. Ruby seems much happier now!

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