CBD Starter Pack – Gold

119.95 Inc VAT

Save €25

Cover all your CBD bases with this Gold Starter Pack. Cream to apply to your body, oil to take orally, or, if you don’t enjoy the taste, delicious gummies to chew. If bought individually these items will cost you €145. Included in this pack are:

  1. CBD Cream
  2. 10% FS CBD Oil
  3. CBD Gummies

CBD Cream – Ingredients (Cannabidiol, Arnica, Devil’s Claw, L-Glutamine, Wintergreen Oil, Camphor, Menthol)

Our CBD cream can be applied to many regions of the body, be it the face or other aching or affected areas. It has a rapid absorption rate for quick and effective application.

CBD Oil – Ingredients(Hemp Oil Extract, Hemp Seed Oil)

Grown without chemicals or pesticides that may be harmful to the plant, our organic hemp is produced in outdoor farms throughout Ireland and the EU. This 10% option is potent enough for beginners, with many customers never needing to increase the strength.

CBD Gummies

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Flavours, Dyes(Brilliant Blue, Cochineal, Curcumin), Potassium Sorbate, Vegetable Oil(Rapeseed), Hemp Extract

A simpler and tastier method to consume CBD, these gummies come in four flavours(Strawberry, Kiwi, Cherry & Pineapple), with 15mg of CBD per gummy.


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