Dr. Hemp Me's CBD Starter Pack

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The Amazing Products

So what do we have in store for you in our CBD starter pack?

  • 1 CBD Oil 10%
  • 1 CBD Vape Oil 300mg
  • 1 CBD Capsules (30 pills)
  • 1 CBD Bath Bomb

Our best selling products, all in one place! Dr. Hemp Me's Xmas gift pack is super easy to wrap, thus being perfect for gifting. With all these amazing products in one package, coming with an amazing deal, it's a gift for you as well as for your wallet!


Exclusive CBD Starter Pack!

Dr. Hemp Me brings you the most exciting CBD starter pack on the market! Get ready to recharge yourself with our CBD starter pack, full of all the best CBD products that we have to offer! Haven't heard of a deal this good in a long while right?

We Care About You

All the amazing products that are a part of this gift pack are perfectly healthy, being tested in labs to meet the set requirements just for you. Our products are also gluten-free, all the while being vegetarian because we cater to everyone's needs and necessities!

Our products also contain the absolute correct amount of THC that is considered legal i.e. less than 0.3%, so you don't have to worry about getting high or anything, our products are non-psychotropic.


Cannabidiol Product Specifications

CBD Oil 10%

Soothe your worn out muscles through a relaxing massage using our Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10%. Add it in your food or directly apply it to your body, our CBD oil is the best of the best! Containing over 100 CBD compounds along with hemp seed oil providing Omega 3 and Omega 6, Dr. Hemp Me's CBD oil is certified to help you get a boost of freshness.


CBD Vape Oil

Take a fresh breath of CBD using our CBD vape oil to freshen up your soul. CBD vape oil is known to get absorbed in your body the fastest and show results super quick. Dr. Hemp Me's CBD vape oil contains Vegetable Glycerin 80%, Propylene Glycol 80%, Cannabis CBD 100mg, Natural Cannabis Flavouring and Terpenes, coming in a vial of 10mil.


CBD Capsules

Directly take a CBD capsule to get the perfect dose of CBD to start your day. Our CBD capsules come in a container of 30 pills each, awesome for getting that CBD in you when you're on the go. Each pill is of 10mg and contains CBD, CBDa, sunflower oil, gelatine, glycerol, water, hemp seed oil, Cannabis sativa L extract.


CBD Bath Bomb

Indulge yourself with a lavish bath using Dr. Hemp Me's calming CBD bath bomb. Our bath bombs come in various types ranging from Sleep, Relief and De-Stress. Each bath bomb is of 50mg and is packed with Peppermint and Eucalyptus with a splash of CBD extract.


So what are you waiting for? Place an order now and start your CBD journey with Dr. Hemp Me's!


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