Organic Hemp Seeds – 500g (Hempture)

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Dr. Hemp Me is home to the most precious hemp seeds available in Ireland. Hempture organic hemp seeds are non-psychotropic and thus, fit for consumption. According to the Irish law, we have kept our products THC-free which means that these seeds are 100% legal. Try out something different from the usual hemp consumption techniques. You can enhance the experience of taking hemp seeds by adding them to any juice or smoothie of your liking!


100% Organic hemp seeds with 0% herbicides and pesticides.

Note: Under Irish law, the seeds are only sold for consumption. It is against the law to grow hemp without a license.


Hold up, are you a sugar fan? No? Not a problem! Since the hemp seeds have a natural taste, you will enjoy the true essence of organic hemp while consuming the seeds directly. With the added benefit of an increase in energy upon consumption, you can take these little powerhouses anywhere you go. Try out Hemptures organic hemp seeds today and tell us about your experience!


Benefits of our Organic Hemp Seeds

Are you tired of all the additives and taste enhancers present in all the other hemp eatables? Packed with the blessing of Omega-3 and Omega-6, the organic hemp seeds are miniature cells that will definitely give both you and your metabolism the energy boost you need.


Amazing ways to take hemp seeds!

We, at Dr. Hemp Me, don’t only want you to purchase our product for the sake of it. We actually do care about your enjoyment and health as well! Therefore, we would like to propose some delicious ways in which hemp seeds can be consumed:


  • Sprinkle the seeds over your vegetable salad as a gorgeous garnish.
  • Add the seeds in your yogurt and smoothies to get some crunchiness!
  • Use them as a topping for your oatmeal, a healthy topping to a healthy meal!
  • Enjoy them with pasta sauce.


Organic hemp seeds details

Each seed is enriched with Omega-3, Omega-6 and many other beneficial fatty acids that are fit for human consumption. The organic hemp seeds are truly a gift of nature and a perfect example of a balanced 3 to 1 ratio of essential fatty acids. Furthermore, the hemp seeds contain 75-80% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, topping the list of the plant kingdom.


We are known for our products

Dr. Hemp Me aims to cater to the need of everyone, and that’s why our products are kept GMO-free and gluten-free to ensure that every person has the chance to purchase our products. Apart from that, we have great news for our vegan buyers. The seeds are vegetarian and vegan approved, so go buy them as soon as possible!

Are you worried about the slight high caused by the THC content present in hemp? Not to worry, the hemp seeds are totally legal because they are THC-free, thus non-psychotropic!





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