Full Spectrum Hemp Tea – 20G (Hempture)

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Dr. Hemp Me brings you, Hempture Hemp Tea, in its purest and most natural form! Our Hemp tea is 100% natural, derived from the best of our hemp, without any additional preservatives or chemicals. This product contains full-spectrum CBD which is extremely healthy for us!

Hemp Tea Details

Each packet of our Hemp Tea is 20g, containing 100% pure and natural organically-grown hemp. It is EU approved and certified, thus making it legal and healthy for consumption. Hemp Tea contains organic Hemp buds, sieved flowers and leaves, and absolutely no seeds and twigs! With no chemical additives and artificial sweeteners, our Hemp Tea is 100% natural! Our product is perfect for vegans and vegetarians.



Organically grown and naturally dried, Hemptures Hemp Tea is free of any pesticides or toxins. All the soothing benefits of CBD are perfectly preserved in this gorgeous hemp tea, ready for use! Our Hemp tea is amazing for those evening hours when you need a breath of relaxation to just enjoy the peacefulness of life. Have a cup in the morning for an awesome mood throughout the day, or drink a cup right before sleep to get a good boost of soothing sleep.

Benefits of our Hemp Tea

All types of teas naturally have amazing benefits, but when we talk about CBD, the benefits are increased ten folds! Grab a cup of Dr. Hemp Me’s Hemp Tea and enjoy!

Our Hemp Tea is Non-psychotropic

Are you worried that the tea you might want to consume would get you high? Well, have no fear for Hemp Tea is absolutely legal! Our product contains THC up to only 0.2%, thus making it legal and permissible for use according to EU standards.

Hemp Tea and Milk (Fats) Combo

Add milk to your tea to increase the effects of the cannabinoids present in the hemp of your tea! Cannabinoids are generally more soluble in fats, so increase the benefits of your tea with either natural milk or cream or even vegan milk such as soy milk or almond milk. Hemp can also be used as a seasoning over your meals combined with oil, just like thyme, oregano and rosemary!

How to make Ireland's best Hemp Tea

In order to prepare a cup of our soothing Hemp Tea, boil about 200-300ml of water and pour it over 2-3 spoons (1-2g) of our hemp tea in a mug. Let it sit for about 3-10 minutes to let the tea infuse properly. If you prefer a stronger taste, let the tea infuse for 7-10 minutes, otherwise, you may drink after an infusion of 3-5 minutes too. Filter the contents of the mug through a sieve for a clearer liquid. You may also add some sweetness to your tea with honey.


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