Hempture CBD Coffee – 200g

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Dr. Hemp Me offers the best CBD Coffee on the market Hempture CBD Coffee. Packed with unforgettable richness! Only the best of there hemp makes it to the final extraction process to bring you 100% pure CBD Coffee. If you’re a coffee-lover, we’re sure you will become a huge fan of our healthy coffee, which is filled with the natural goodness of CBD!

Directions to use;

CBD Coffee is strictly for all ages above 18, so please keep the packet away from children. Make sure to take the appropriate dosage of your CBD coffee, do not exceed the recommended dosage. Please be sure to consult a doctor in case of any ambiguity regarding the dosage and modification of your diet.


Drinking a cup of coffee every morning is most of the world’s go-to to get a boost of energy to tackle the hurdles of the coming day. A cup of coffee at night can help you stay recharged for a long task that might take hours in the AM to complete.

Benefits of Irish CBD Coffee

Coffee as a standalone is exceptional for keeping you going throughout the day, but the anxious side effects that come along with it are a huge bummer. A touch of CBD to your good old coffee can surely turn all the cons into pros!


Our Cannabidiol Coffee is Non-psychotropic

If you’re worried whether our CBD Coffee will make you high or not then rest assured for all of Dr. Hemp Me’s products contain less than 0.2% THC which is considered absolutely legal and healthy. Our CBD Coffee is THC free! Meaning that there is absolutely no chance of it being psychotropic, so grab yourself a warm mug of our coffee and enjoy the goodness!

How to make;

Boil about one cup of water and use one heaped teaspoon of Hemptures CBD Coffee for a gorgeous blend. You may also add milk and sugar (-or honey if you want to go all natural!) for a thicker and tastier coffee. Stir the mixture well and viola! Your healthy CBD Coffee is ready.



Each packet of our CBD Coffee is 200g with a total of 100 servings per packet. Each serving of your coffee contains about 3mg of Cannabidiol (CBD). Each serving will be made using one heaped teaspoon i.e approximately 2g. Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD Coffee contains ground-roasted fresh coffee beans with third-party labs tested CBD that has been derived from Hemp plants in accordance with the specified EU standards.


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