Lemon Haze Vape Pen 2000mg (Cannabidiol 20%)

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There are a lot of things to look forward to in a vape juice, such as potency and purity; not always does one get them. But that shouldn’t be a problem. Dr. Hemp Me satisfies all round CBD expectation with the new, most potent lemon haze CBD in Ireland. Every step of the way, the mission is to guarantee user satisfaction by providing all the therapeutic benefits of 100% pure, Irish hemp vape oil. To achieve this, we started our journey with hemp grown in strictly organic farms. And the rich Irish CBD was extracted from the hemp using solvent-free CO2 extraction procedures and infused in natural terpene.

With that, we fill all our cartridges/vape pens with immense therapeutic awesomeness, serving the vaping community in Ireland and the rest of the UK with maximum satisfaction.


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20% CBD

200mg / 1ml


Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD Vape-Oil infused with natural plant terpenes. No artificial flavours, just pure natural plant terpenes for a superior vape sensation.

Similar to our OG Kush Vape Oil our Lemon Haze CBD is an e-juice specially extracted and processed by Dr Hemp Me to give vapers an aromatic vaping experience at all times while using high-strength CBD. The CBD oil was extracted from choice Hemp strain and infused in 100% natural limonene terpene, which provides it with the rich, zingy aroma and flavour that highlights the ambience with awesomeness.

Lemon Haze CBD Vape-Oil

The strain offers various CBD strengths, but with Dr Hemp Me 200mg/1ml vape oil, you will be getting:

  • 20% high-strength CBD oil, which is stronger than low-strength vape oil, and is most preferred by vapers.
  • 100% natural MCT oil extracted from coconut, which is a much healthier, safer alternative to the commonly used propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) that are synthetic solvents. The MCT extract propels smoother and quicker absorption into the bloodstream for pronounced effectiveness and efficacy, with lowered blood-to-brain barrier.
  • 380 – 400 puffs of the best CBD in Ireland.
  • Citrusy vape aroma and flavour from all-natural limonene terpene infusion.
  • Lemon haze Ireland’s purest CBD oil with NO THC or any other hallucinogenic or psychotropic substance.
  • Third-party lab-tested in the UK.


The Vape-Pen: Features and Functions

Dr. Hemp Me offers easy-to-use, durable vape pens with reliable components that doesn’t leave you halfway while puffing Ireland’s strongest CBD. That is if properly used and maintained. The vape pen contains:

  • A plastic mouthpiece
  • A silicon plug to keep oil from dripping out,
  • A 1ml cartridge – disposable after a single use
  • A highly efficient atomizer for vaporizing the vape oil within split seconds
  • A USB charger cord specially adapted for the battery, which can be plugged into an AC USB adaptor or a USB port.
  • An indicator light on the USB charger. The light on the charger turns red during charge, and green when the battery is fully charged.
  • A sensor on the tip of the battery which glows while charging, and stops glowing when fully charged. Also, with an initial puff after charging or previous use, a glow will indicate that the vape is ON or has enough battery power for some good puffs.
  • A long-lasting, rechargeable lithium battery, which can power up to 500 puffs of CBD e-liquid in a single full charge. Note that charging a drained battery to its full capacity might take several hours. It can be recharged up to 500 times.

How to Use a Vape Pen

Unscrew the battery from the cartridge and screw it lightly into the USB charger, to charge. After charging, remove it from the charger and fix it into the cartridge. Place the mouthpiece conveniently between your lips, and inhale gently. Inhalation will cause the atomizer to heat up and vaporize the vape oil. Let it all in and savour the potency of the strongest CBD Vape-Oil in Ireland.

It’s that simple!



  • Do not inhale forcefully, too fast or too often, as these might overheat the cartridge or burn the coil. Consequently, overheating might change the taste of the vape oil.
  • Inserting cartridges from other brands or manually refilling and reusing an old cartridge might lead to oil leakages or unsavoury taste.
Recent News

A lot has been made of vaping and whether it is damaging for your lungs over the last 6 months. We recently wrote an article about this issue and how you can avoid the negative effects of vaping especially if it is your preferred choice when consuming CBD.


  1. Ensure that your CBD product does not contain diacetyl
  2. Look for MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) as a base for your oil
  3. Vape temperature below 200 degrees celsius
  4. Vape CBD concentrates only

For a more in-depth analysis click here.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. This product is not to be used to treat any medical condition. Use at your own risk.


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  1. johnny Dee

    Went for this oil for the sheer strength of CBD. I haven't seen any CBD vapes with this much strength on the market. Very pleased with the taste as well. 🙂

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