October 22, 2019

A Review of Charlottes Web CBD Oil in 2020

By Brian Cusack

We at Dr. Hemp Me are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Charlottes Web CBD, America’s finest CBD oil brand. As an organization, we believe in promoting excellence and that’s why Charlotte Web CBD oil is on the top of the list. Unfortunately, Charlottes Web is not available to order in Ireland & Europe. Only U.S. & Canadian CBD customers can avail of there CBD.

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Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is hemp extra made with selected naturally occurring ingredients such as flavonoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and phytocannabinoids.

How the Hemp is Grown & Extracted

Charlotte’s Web grows its locally made hemp in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky and their CBD oil are derived from this hemp.

The company’s hemp is certified by the United States Hemp Authority hence is safe to use and legal to buy and sell.

Charlotte’s Web hemp, however, is not a hundred per cent organic or free of pesticides. The pesticides and herbicides they make use of though, are organic.


It is a hundred per cent CO2 extracted formulation and contains 17 milligrams of CBD per 1-millilitre serving. The colour of the CBD oil varies batch by batch. One pro of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is that there is no use of dye or other additives to change or enhance the colour of the products. Their CBD oil is sold in its original colour.

The Potency of Charlottes CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil tinctures are made available in 4 different potencies. This is based on their patent blend, which was designed to manage seizures. The CBD oils are quite potent, but they make sure customers can decide to purchase oils with less potency if they want. Their oils pack between 6.65 milligrams of CBD to 60 milligrams per mL.

The Taste of the CBD Oil

Another pro of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is that it is one CBD oil that doesn’t have a robust and revulsive hemp taste. The CBD oils are sold in either olive oil or mint flavours. The flavouring is added naturally. Hence anyone – especially people who are uncomfortable with the taste of hemp – can quickly ingest the oil. The CBD oil for dogs though, is left unflavored.

Sourcing and Testing of Charlottes Web CBD oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is gotten from the aerial part of the marijuana plants. The extra contains cannabidiol, CBG, CBC and other beneficial natural compounds which are found in the marijuana plant. As mentioned above, their CBD oil is grown in their farms in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. Before the hemp is planted, the Stanley brothers ensure the soil is undergoing phytoremediation. This process keeps the soil free of and pollutant or toxin that could negatively affect the quality of the CBD oil. Their CBD oils are later taken to the lab to be tested before they are put up for sale.

Shop Charlotte's Web!

The Shipping Process

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil makes their ordering/shipping process easy and customer friendly. All you have to do is visit the website and select the bottle size and flavour you desire. You can get five per cent off your order by signing up for auto-ship (only available in the U.S.). Any order above $75 will be shipped for free with next day shipping provided for additional fees. You can be sure to get your CBD oil within seven days if you select the standard shipping option.

Customer Service

Charlotte’s Web offers excellent customer service. Their CBD oil can be bought both online and in a store. They have retailers across Europe and the United States. If the CBD is unavailable on the website, you can turn on Charlotte Webs email notification to be alerted when the CBD oil is available. They also have a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. Therefore if the CBD oil you purchased is not suitable, you can have it shipped back and get a refund. Their company covers the return shipping cost. You can also choose to exchange the product for a better one.

Customer Rewards

One of the best parts of ordering your CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web is that there are rewards included for frequent customers. Their Charlotte’s Web Love Reward program gives buyers points for each dollar they spend on the website. Buyers can also earn extra points for subscribing to their newsletter, referring customers and so on. When a customer gets up to 100 points, he/she will be given a 5 dollars store credit.

To get the Best CBD Results

For the best result, take it consistently as you normally will take supplements. It is best taken daily. Also, keep it away from heat and store it in a dry, cool place. Make use of the dropper for accurate measurement. To preserve the CBD oil’s quality, avoid putting your mouth or tongue on the droppers. You can also mix the CBD oil with your meal or drink if you are sensitive to flavours.

Charlotte’s Web is a company that sells quality CBD oils in different potency degrees, at an affordable price and their free shipping and quick deliveries make buying from them a pleasant experience.

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