October 30, 2019

How to Test CBD Strength

By Brian Cusack

 The legalization of events of cannabis for medical use in different states continues to revamp the popularity of this specific product. Not only has it become easy to manufacture and cultivate marijuana, but also in purchasing its derived products. As a result, an influx of these products is what many are witnessing in the market. 


However, identifying what is real and differentiating it from fake products is quite challenging for the customers. Many times, they end up purchasing poor quality CBD products as regulatory compliances on the strength of CBD are not in enforcement as of yet. As each state has the responsibility to induce and execute its policies regarding CBD strength, these are not available in many countries. 

Therefore, this leaves the customer to their own devices. To help you out, here are some factors that help you determine the quality and strength of CBD you purchase. 

Conduct the cannabinoid tests 

Before taking your CBD oil bottle home after purchase, pass by your trusted laboratories and have it examined by a professional. Ensure they detail the results of their tests in a way that is easy to understand. Also, take home the certificate of analysis for your product. 

If not up to taking the CBD oil to a laboratory, consider conducting a home test with your testing kit. Today, you have the opportunity to determine the strength levels of your cannabinoids with a home test kit; the alpha Cat analysis test. The package delivers on all ends and easy to use with any CBD oil from any company. 

Alpha Cat Analysis Test

If you get the alpha cat analysis tests for all cannabinoid products in the market, especially CBD oil, you never have to undergo lab tests. You preserve money for laboratory fees and certificates for the CBD oil after testing and save on time. Besides, it keeps your choice of the brand, especially if the CBD oil passes the tests. You do not have to worry about the company and its reputation ever again. 

Learn to differentiate milligrams from millilitres


Each bottle of CBD oil will often have these symbols mg and ml, with different numbers indicated for each. These show the quantity of CBD oil in the solvent. Each bottle of CBD oil is around 10ml and above in the volume of liquid in it. 

In the liquid, the present cannabidiol measurements are in mg, and the liquid volume is in ml. Therefore, the indications on the dosage indicate the amount of CBD oil in each drop of the liquid or hemp seed oil you add to your dose each day. Therefore, the amount of CBD oil in a single drop is the strength of CBD in that particular product indicated in mg. 

Before taking the CBD oil, ensure you follow your manufacturer instructing and strictly adhere to the dosage levels. Also, do not use similar products in the same way. It is essential to thoroughly check the labels as they may contain different strength levels even though they are from the same manufacturer or company. 

Look at the CBD oil certificate 

A trusted manufacturer with nothing to hide and has confidence in its products will always have a third party test their products. The third party is usually an independent company or laboratory that the company has no control over, indicating no bias in the final results. Also, it enhances customer confidence in the outcomes of the results. 

The test aims at testing the strength and quality of cannabinoids that are present in the CBD oil they are selling. It gives a list of the terpenes present in the oil, TC content if present and CBD, and other compounds as well. With such an analysis, you can gain confidence and trust in a specific product and purchase it for use. 

Take care with CBD oil manufacturers 


Purchasing CBD oil is the most challenging task, especially for individuals with no idea which companies are trustworthy and which to steer away from and not look back. However, if you want to purchase quality and be sure of your product's strength levels, seek reputable companies with a reputation and position to protect. Companies that have a clean business profile and indicate the product's strength on the bottle for scrutiny.

Go for companies in the market for a while and have garnered adequate experience in selling cannabis products. For this, one can search the net for Canada, and a list of all websites from authenticated and reputed dealers would pop up. Look at their influence and their establishment in the market and the reviews from other customers.

 It will assure you of quality products. Besides, established companies will openly offer to have your product tested by a third party with no qualms. 

With such information, you will be able to differentiate genuine products from fake ones. If you find CBD oil in the market coming at an unrealistic price and even offer a chance for a bargain, it is not a reputable source to get your product. Chances are, the product is of low quality and has no CBD oil content at all. 

The logic behind the statement is the law of supply and demand. As of now, the need for CBD oil is quite high. However, the amount of the same is quite low. Therefore, the price of CBD oil is high and without a bargaining platform. Finding a bargain able source indicates poor quality and low strength CBD oil. 


Learn to look at your CBD product labels as they give essential information on potency levels of cannabinoids in it. Request a third-party certificate for your CBD as it may be of need in ensuring your safety and proper documentation of your product. Besides, this creates trust in the company you are purchasing your CBD oil from at any time. 

Know that CBD content in cannabidiol comes with an mg symbol at the end, while the ml refers to the hemp seed oil in which the CBD dissolves. It indicates how much you should take with each CBD drop. 

Conclusion  Determining potency levels of CBD can be difficult and even challenging. However, learning how to do so is essential in ensuring your safety and health. Low product quality may damage

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