December 17, 2019

Top 13 Cannabis Nutrients To Buy

By Brian Cusack

While growing healthy cannabis plants simply requires rich nutrients, selecting the best nutrient for the job might prove to be challenging. This is because there are so many different nutrient brands out there offering you nutrients to choose from. 

Choosing the right nutrient is very crucial in determining how well your cannabis plants grow so you must ensure it contains the right ingredients in a balanced nutrient ratio. You must also ensure that the nutrient is compatible with your plant medium – soil, coco coil or hydro. 

For the top cannabis nutrients to buy, check out this comprehensive list below. 

1. Canna Coco A & B

Canna Coco A & B are some of the best and most popular cannabis nutrient brands in the market at the moment. The nutrients work with a biotrophic effect and provide your plants with Rhizotonic to boost root development and produce a healthy plant.

The nutrients are also easily absorbed into the plant’s system, producing a balance within them while boosting the plant’s resistance. 

Canna Coco works quickly, thereby providing a quick result while saving energy. It is made to work on plants during the flowering and vegetative phases. So all you need to do is apply the nutrient based on the stage and watch it grow. 

When using these nutrients, keep in mind that they must be used in an equal proportion to give your plant the balance required.

Also, start the growth process by applying small amounts of both nutrients –something around 3mL will be appropriate. As the plants grow older, you can increase it to 5mL, 8mL and finally 10mL when it is fully mature. 

2. Fox Farm Nutrient Trio

Fox Farm Nutrient Trio is a remarkable nutrient for cannabis plants with healthy natural components such as bat guano, earthworm castings, amongst other things.

These components help your cannabis plant grow into fat, healthy plants. While the Fox Farm Nutrient Trio can be used for hydroponic plants, it’s not the best option as its percentage of organic matter is too high. 

On the other hand, the Fox Farm Nutrient Trio is perfect for soil and Coco Coir plants. When used on these mediums, it improves the flavor and smell of cannabis. 

Fox Farm Nutrient Trio is highly concentrated which means adding a moderate quantity at a time can be all your cannabis plant needs.

The Tiger Bloom and Grow Big cans in the trio provide the crucial nutrients to the plants while the Big Bloom provides micronutrients that can grow and develop the plant’s root.

For coco coir plants, you can make use of the hydro version. This version has the Tiger Bloom and the Big Bloom, both with the same nutrients as those in the soil version. 

Using this nutrient protects your plants from Magnesium and Calcium deficiencies. One of the best things about Fox Farm Nutrient Trio is that it is quite easy to use.

All you need to do is follow the right instructions, and your plants will be thankful for it.

3. Cannazym 

If what you seek is an enzyme product of impressive quality, Cannazym is one of the best out there. Cannazym contains a combination of enzymes that provide your plant with vitamins and nutritious extracts.

When you use this nutrient on your plants, dead areas of the roots will be broken down and converted into active micro-organisms.

Cannazym also improves your plant’s absorption level, coaxing them to take in more nutrients at a quicker rate and strengthening their immune systems against pests and other harmful organisms.

Cannazym contains enzymes that hasten the conversion of invalid root areas from dead to useful sugar and minerals. 

One of the best things about Cannazym is that it can be used both for soil plants and for hydroponic plants.      

4. General Hydroponics Flora

The General Hydroponics Flora trio provides your nutrients for all stages of your plants' growth including micronutrients, primary nutrients, and secondary nutrients.

To optimize the effect of the nutrient on your plant, you can adjust the percentage in which you apply each one of the trio. The product consists of purified concentrates that ensure good pH balance and improves solubility. 

The components of General Hydroponics Flora work together to improve the aroma, strength, nutrition, and flavor in your plants.

It can also be used on both soil plants and hydroponic plants. It provides nutrients such as Potassium, Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Sulfur. 

5. Canna PK 13/14

Canna PK 13/14 boasts of a provision of the macronutrients; potassium and phosphorus. These minerals are some of the most important for the development of cannabis plants in certain stages. 

When you apply Canna PK 13/14 on your plant, the excess potassium and phosphorus boost the production of calyx, altogether providing you with healthy, robust plants.

The 3 x 6 x 10-inch bottle will definitely last you for months if used appropriately. When using this nutrient though, keep it away from your general source of water as a phosphorus runoff can poison water. 

6. General Organics GO Box 

General Organic GO Box provides cannabis growers with a complete package of nutrients and supplements for plants. The GO box is specifically made for soil cultivated plants though so it can’t be used for hydroponic plants. 

The producers of this nutrient concentrated on merging natural ingredients that provide efficient and sustainable plant growth. In this GO Box are 16 oz. of Bloom fertilizers and BioThrive and 8 oz. of liquid plant supplements. 

7. Canna Boost

Canna Boost is a nutrient made from fermented plant contents. Its content makes it a great nutrient for stimulating the growth of seedlings and growing them into fat, healthy plants. Its strength in flower stimulation improves the appearance and quality of your plant buds. 

Canna Boost also hastens the growth of new calyx which produces big, healthy and rich-tasting flower buds. The nutrient produces a timely harvest as all the buds will reach maturity at a very similar time. 

The con this product produces is that it is costly, but if you can overlook that fact, its benefits are very much worth the price. 

8. House and Garden

If your nutrient budget is robust, House and Garden might just be the best choice for you because its effectiveness matches its cost. One of the nutrient’s strengths is that it can be used on soil plants, hydroponic plants, and coco coir.

The soil version consists of algen extract, soil A & B, Bud XL, roots excelurator and shooting powder. With the right application method and schedule, your plants will grow and develop at a fast rate. 

The coco version also consists of algen extract, soil A & B, Bud XL, roots excelurator and shooting powder. When House and Garden began their nutrient company, they specialized majorly in coco coir.

This makes their coco coir nutrients one of the best your cannabis plants can have. 

Lastly, the Hydroponic version consists of algen extract, aqua flakes A & B, shooting powder and roots excelurator. The Aqua Flakes & B have a very low percentage of salt which protects your plants from a nutrient burn.

9. Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra 

Plants require a lot of nutrients to thrive and Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra put this into deep consideration when producing it. Each of these nutrients works in the various phases of the plant’s life. 

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra provides the plants with Magnesium and Calcium to promote healthy growth. The Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium also provide the root with sufficient nutrients.

These nutrients prevent you from having unhealthy, poorly formed plants. Other nutrients provided by Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra include Manganese and Zinc. 

10. Canna Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic is a strong, algae-based nutrient for boosting the growth of your cannabis plant.

In this full natural stimulant is a combination of various vitamins your plants need (Vitamin B1 & B2). Rhizotonic also provides over 50 microbiological substances added to boost the plant’s growth speed. 

If you have unhealthy plants, Rhizotonic is a brand you should be looking into. Its properties soothe the plants and majorly improve their state. It also contains Oligosaccharide, a hormone that strengthens the root of your plant. 

11. Botanicare

If what you seek is a trustworthy nutrient brand, Botanicare is a great option. The brand has been in business for many years and constantly produces effective products.

Botanicare makes use of experience to improve their nutrients and the impact they have on plants. Their products can be used both on soil plants and hydroponic plants. 

For your soil plants, it is advisable that you use Bloom and Grow. The Bloom nutrient is made for the flowering stage while Grow is made for the vegetative stage.

For hydroponic plants, make use of the three bottles which include – Bloom, Grow and Base. The component of these bottles are all your plants need to grow strong and healthy at a fast pace. 

Botanicare also comes with Hydroguard, a root supplement that preserves your plant’s root. This is majorly essential for hydroponic plants that grow in water. Hydroguard prevents the root from rotting.  

Every component used in Botanicare is natural and organic. The level of Calcium and Nitrogen that goes into your plant can be controlled based on how you apply the Bloom and Grow components to your plants. 

12. Dyna-Gro Nutrition 

Dyna-Gro is often called the formula with the full nutrition. And it really is. The component of Dyna-Gro includes 16 important minerals your plants require to grow.

Dyna-Gro is also very easy-to-use and this makes it a good choice for new cannabis growers. It is also liquid which is the perfect form for plants to easily absorb it. 

Dyna-Gro has a low phosphorus and high nitrogen formula that makes it a great option for tropical plants and other interior plants. The formula works on providing you with healthy, well-developed cannabis plants.

Without urea, it also reduces how much time you need to spend applying it. Dyna-Gro rids your medium of excess salt buildup, thereby protecting your plants from deficiencies. With the proper application of the nutrient, you can be assured of healthy, strong plants.

13. Humboldts Secret Base A & B

Humboldts Secret Base A & B contains all the macronutrients your plants require. The bundle is designed to provide indoor and flowering plants with the complete feed they need to boost their growth and quality. In this nutrient are Calcium, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Magnesium, Fulvic Acid, and Potassium. 

This nutrient is also compatible with all the plant growth mediums. This means it can be used for hydroponic plants, indoor plants, coco coir plant, and aquaponics plants. It can also be used through all the stages of your plant’s growth.

For large scale farmers, Humboldts can be used on flowers, plants, trees, lawns, and bushes. The nutrient is made with natural, quality products that pose no threat to your gardens. It also has a pH balance and is water-soluble which makes it easier for your plants to absorb. 

One of the best things about this nutrient brand is that it’s two part system is very easy to use. All you need to do is apply both bottles equally throughout your plant’s growth stages. To get an optimal result, apply the nutrients after watering your plants. 


One major factor to consider when choosing nutrients for your cannabis plant is its components. Ensure that the product has all the micro and macronutrients your plants need.

These nutrients include mineral and non-mineral components that naturally come from the soil, the air or from water.

They include Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Carbon, Iron, Cobalt, Silicon, Oxygen, and so on. So make sure you check the nutrient’s packaging for the presence and percentage of these nutrients. The right order in which they should appear is:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium

To make the process easier for you, we have ensured that each product on this list has the necessary nutrients your cannabis plants need to survive. So pick out your cannabis nutrient today.

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