January 7, 2020

Which States Count Total THC in Hemp and Which Count only Delta-9 THC?

By Brian Cusack

If you don’t know, hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant and one of its 85 ingredients. This strain is very popular amongst the masses and is used by millions of people across the globe. You will be surprised to know that hemp is distinguished from marijuana for a variety of reasons. For those who don’t know, hemp is categorized as cannabis sativa at a scale of 9 on THC. Not to forget, there are multiple forms of THC, and that of the value nine is regarded as neutral.

Before going into the crux of this discussion, it is important to understand what THC contains. In simple words, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant. It is found in both marijuana and hemp. Industrial hemp farms cultivate the crop in tons and export it to Europe and many parts of the world. Thailand is said to be one of the biggest exporters of such crops.

What is total THC, and which countries recognize it?

Total THC is used as an acknowledgement for the argument that cannabis must meet the definition of hemp set by the farm bill in 2018. The bill also stated that the THC concentration must be paid serious attention to. Though hemp plant has many benefits for the human body, overconsumption and careless handling can lead to massive damage.

There are several countries that have legalized hemp and acknowledge THC, such as Canada, South Africa, Georgia, Uruguay, United States of America and Australian Capital Territory. If you ever visit these states, you will find several shops in the public eye that sell hemp plants to the customers. Some other countries that consider THC are Argentina, Bermuda, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Lithuania, Malta.

The interesting thing is that these countries have different rules and regulations regarding the consumption of THC. There are very few countries that consider THC with a nine scale. Though there are immense health benefits, the cons of overconsumption cannot be overlooked.

How is THC consumed?

There are many ways to consume THC in today’s time. Traditionally, people would smoke it like weed or crush it to be consumed as a powder. The modern-day millennials are coming up with interesting ideas to consume this compound. Following is a list of ways in which this compound is consumed by millions across the globe:

1.      Inhaling

Inhalation is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to consume THC. In this way, the cannabinoid passes through the lungs making its way to the rest of the boy. However it is important to use something appropriate for inhaling THC such as dry herb vaporizer or an e-cigarette. People who inhale THC in its raw form are much likely to cause damage to their lungs.

2.      Tinctures

This method is widely adopted by senior adults who can’t consume THC in different forms. There are multiple online vendors that sell good quality tinctures to clients. However, there are different quality tinctures available on the web. If you are looking for a THC tincture online, it is better to read customer reviews before registering for a product.

3.      Smoke

This is the oldest method of consuming THC that is popular even in this day and age. Some people often use vapes to smoke THC as it is a less effective method. However, there is a massive segment of the smoking population that loves to smoke THC in its raw form.

4. Pills and Capsules

There are several online platforms that sell good quality THC to customers. Many THC fans consume it in the form of capsules because each capsule is infused with the minimum quantity of THC to prevent overdose. Pills and capsules are cheaper as compared to tinctures. However, it is important to check with a doctor for the correct dosage.

5. Gummies

THC gummies are liked by fans for they are available everywhere and can be made easily. CBD gummies are usually green in color but if you’re taking them home, you can choose any color and flavor for them. THC gummies are also sold online by multiple vendors. Some websites provide free THC gummies to fans with CBD oil and tinctures.

6. Chewing Gum

Are you surprised to know about this way? A lot of people who are trying to quit smoking are often given nicotine chewing gum that is infused with THC. Fans like to choose the mint-flavored, green-colored chewing gum because it looks like a regular one. Just like gummies, THC chewing gums can also be carried everywhere without you having to worry about getting caught by the cops.

7. Eating Raw THC

 This is the easiest way to consume THC. Though many people despise consuming raw THC, a lot of CBD fans don’t mind eating THC in its raw form to enjoy the natural taste. Raw THC can also be eaten by infusing it in food and desserts. Though THC doesn’t have a very pleasant taste, its fans always find a unique way to consume it.

Why is THC illegal in many countries across the globe?

If you are a THC fan, no one can stop you from consuming this compound. However, it is equally important to weigh the cons of consuming this compound. It is because of the side effects of THC that it is banned in so many countries around the globe. Some well-known side effects are dry mouth, heart disease, bipolar disorder, a weakened immune system, miscarriage during pregnancy, depression, addiction, allergies to fruits and vegetables, liver disease, damage to kidneys, diabetes, stroke etc.

These side effects cannot be overlooked, that is why THC is banned in many countries, even if it is neutral with regards to its effects. No one can deny that the market worth of THC is increasing every day and doesn’t seem to come down any sooner. Research is still underway so let's see what the future unfolds for us in terms of THC.

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